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    Got the mts Eq-max for myself and one of my Friends. I start in a couple of weeks he already start for 6-8 weeks didnt know exactly.

    First, the product came in very fast and really quick (3 days) . The product is very good packaged and wont broke this way. So credits to MTS.

    My friend is really happy with this gear from mts and already got great result on 750 mg a week with some test E 500. He told me he's hungry and horny AF😂😂! He is ectomorph so needs to eat a lot all day, zo thats what he now do with the eq-max. He already gained some clean mass about a kg of 6-8 +-! So very satisfied with this and more is coming.

    Big thanks to MTS and we will keep posting about the product we try and usd

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    great to hear, keep us updated on your and your buddies progress with our MTS products


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    EQ is one of my favourite products from MTS,the cosmetic effects are out of this world, your chest becomes a shelf with rounded shoulders, even the veins in my quads start coming out. The only problem with EQ is it is a slow and steady drug, don't expect tons of muscle growth from it, granted it will give you some but just not to the level of high test or deca in my opinion.

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    can i raise eq with test e in the same syringe. because some eq are dissolved in sesame oil.

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