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Thread: Pca british finals top 6

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    Pca british finals top 6

    Just back from competing in the PCA British finals managed to the crack the top 6 after placing 2nd in the PCA Ireland show, Used med-tech & Bio - science my hole prep and always got my package out fast for me from the guys at MTS as explained was competing so thank you!

    Happy to talk about what I used & why I used it for my cycle etc, aswell as give feedback on all items used and how I felt on them, Have had plenty of guys competing and at my gym order stuff from the site aswell after seeing me transform both in shape and in term of power.

    Some photos and videos to follow, fire away with any questions im very open.
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    You're amazing.

    I would be interested in knowing how you get a skin so slim, it's one thing I've never been able to get ... not at that level.
    I do not have the paper skin

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    how awesome is this! you were shredded dude, shredded!

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    WTF that dude #37 placed higher than you. no f'n way he's not even close to your caliber?

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    Hey bud my skin is very thick esp around my mid section, I was very overweight before and have a good bit off excess skin the best way that worked for this was 2adex a day 3 weeks out and super low - to no carbs! I also used a nappy rash cream to help tighten the stomach up and wear a waist belt all day around it to sweat out water. hope this helps

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    Some stage shots coming guys!

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