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Thread: So sick of this - HERE'S THE TRUTH!

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    The genetics to be able to take that volume of AAS is interesting. Really wish I could handle more with no sides.

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    Well put. Too many filts these days

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    I remember reading this post back in 2011 when I was getting ready for the world titles.
    It made me decide to up my shit and I ended up placing second.

    NOW... I personally know a lot of ifbb pros and have trained with them and let me tell you, in the gym they arent doing anything different to what you and I are.
    They are just consistent.
    Consistency is key.

    They are consistent with their food, they are consistent with their training, but most of all they are consistently on high amounts of gear, gh and slin cycled properly with igf.

    The more i got to know them, the more i realised its about drug abuse and genetics.

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    Great post! speaking the truth

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gh15Disciple View Post
    Great post! speaking the truth
    strong username

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    Quote Originally Posted by hasheagle View Post
    strong username
    Thanks bro

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    Quote Originally Posted by MR BIG View Post
    I found this a good read... (source)

    This is the truth from an IFBB PRO:

    If your diet, training, health and rest are completely up to scratch, the more steroids you take, the bigger you will get. It's as simple as that.

    Pros have got their diet, training (health for the most part) and rest up to a standard that works for them perfectly, but they are only the size they are due to the drugs they take. Don't believe the crap from anyone, that they are not, even from the 'in the know' people that are on this board. Those very same people for the most part have used/use extremely higher dosages than what they preach. Why do they preach the low dosages? - various personal agendas.

    Reality is that as a rule, 1g per week of test non stop year round is the 'off' time for the pros. Gear is added as it's obtained - no real detailed cycles as such. As long as they take the high dosages of gear, they'll grow (as long as the diet, training, health and sleep is up to scratch as mentioned previously).

    Several grams of test per week, several grams of anabolics per week, up to 2g/week of tren, a shit load of orals, insulin several times a day year round, GH as much as can be afforded - 15 to 30IU/day, etc.

    BUT, pros have the genetics to have their bodies accept the gear, and generally not get sick on it.

    And ancilliary use is huge - liver aids to the max, anti-e's, dht blockers, cardio supps, cholesterol supps, etc.

    Still, most of them are complete wrecks. They can't control bodily functions, they pass out from walking a flight of stairs, they get drenched in sweat from tying their shoelaces. Gyno, baldness, dry skin, gout, excess bodily hair, acne, etc are ALL existent in virtually all of them.

    It is not a healthy sport, drug use is ENORMOUS, but to ignore it and to preach otherwise is pathetic and not what this site is about.

    BTW, Synthetek's books have on them who's who of current pros ordering Syntherol constantly. They ALL use it extensively. It is pathetic though, when one orders a bottle and their credit card gets declined due to not enough funds. You think a 30+ yo would have his life in order more than that.

    Anyway, I'm sick of seeing the bullshit that has been promoted on this site the last few years. This site was originally set up as an uncensored place where you can find the truth about advanced performance enhancing, regardless of consequences. It's getting back to that.
    I must say I do agree with you but this would apply to Pro level and always remember Pros have the genetics to go with all of this.

    I mean over my 20 years in the game I have seen guys take a lot of shit and look average even when diet and training was good. Simple point was they did not have the genetics to be great. That is why I always recommended that guys start out with small amounts and short cycles to see if they have what it takes. Once that is established then you to create something world class dosing high cycles is a must.

    Buy high I would say a starting amount of 1000-1500mg per week and go up from here. Once you have got to the 2000mg per week club I think your pretty much tapped out. But that being said it is not all bad news because Blitz cycles are your next avenue.

    What you do is when you no longer make gains on 1000-2000mg and the sides just get too bad then do short burst Blitz with test only and follow that up with a short androgenic/anabolic cycle to help capture the mass gained after a Blitz.

    A good starting point for anyone trying a blitz for the first time is start your test dose at 250-500mg per day(not a week) and run it for 20-30 days you can also add a strong oral to this at 50-100mg ed also.

    After your blitz give yourself 30days off and then follow that up with moderately dosed androgenic/anabolic cycle for 6 weeks using only short esters say test p tren a then run a small pct for 30 days then 2 weeks clean and repeat that way you can still use high doses for short periods get out clean run a short cycle to solidify the gains from the Blitz clean out again before doing it all over again.

    I have not yet done this myself as I still get good gains for what I want and have no desires to be 300+lbs although I have given this advice to other guys that stop making gains taking high amounts and all over them got better results and felt much healthier do it that way.

    Comp cycling is a whole different thing but the advice above I think has some merit. Now that I am back in the game I myself will be giving it a try in the future as I have seen others do well from it.

    I wont name the PRO but I meet him a the NABBA WORLDS back in 2004 when we had the show in OZ he was the one telling me about BLITZ cycles he was a huge fucker 24 inch arms and he told me when he ran a Blitz he would do 7ml of sus250 and I said oh that is not much in a week and then he stopped me in my tracks by saying No mate that is 7ml a day not a week.
    What you must remember though this was only in short bursts of 20-30 days with 4 weeks off but 7ml a day works out to 12250mg in a week. I never asked him what his normal cycle was after a blitz he only said it was a short 6 week cycle using short esters and light orals.

    Ok some food for thought but all in all a world class physic needs the following in order

    1. Genetics
    2. Consistent training and eating
    3. Good supplementation
    4. High amounts of Steroids

    Note that steroids are last on the list because without the other 3 it is not worth shit.


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    12 grams of test a week, holey moley. goes to show that it isn't that harmful in the short term at least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grotereber View Post
    12 grams of test a week, holey moley. goes to show that it isn't that harmful in the short term at least.
    that right no one has ever died from roids all the health issues come from not keeping an eye on your blood/lipids and know how to fix problems as they arise.

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