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    Cool Get free mts products!

    As you guys know we have recently been expanding our circle of MTS reps and the results have been excellent.

    And now we want to make sure that this process is more streamlined and clear, for both sides

    So what we are offering is the following (this applies only to serious soon to be reps, so we will make selections): sign up as a MTS REP and we will make a special code for you. This code you can give to any of your friends and buddies and it gives them 20% discount on their order.

    And the added bonus for the rep is that for each order made by people using his own unique code (we can track it all in the system) you as the rep will get 1 free oil (MTS standard line). There is no limitation to how many free items you can get, we simply check the system end of each month and see how many order with the code have been made and thus how many free vials you as the rep will get

    1 free standard oil vial per order done with the code

    By implementing this method the whole process is clear for us and you as the rep. We know that many of you guys promote us with your buddies and via social media etc (as such this is hard for us to check) and now it will all be clear and you will get rewarded for it

    But as said, we cannot give a unique code to all of you (its manual labour to make each code in the system), so pls if you are interested send me a PM with info about you and why you should become part of our MTS REP partnership and we as MTS staff will make our selection

    NOTICE: obviously this 20% discount CANNOT be combined with any other codes or pharms products or hgh or bulk or any other coupons. pls remember this well

    Thanks for everything guys and lets keep making MTS bigger and better then ever!
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    How do you pm? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lewbhoy View Post
    How do you pm? Thanks
    go to my profile and PM me from there

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