I'm a new customer of MTS, so i was excited to get my Lean Gain and a free bottle of Tren Ace as promised in the new customer promotion.

Delivery time was good, stealth was fine for domestic shipping.

I'm of the belief that you don't need to overdo it with gear, if it's correctly dosed. I believe that if diet and training are on point, less is more. So with this in mind i did my first jab 0.8ml yesterday. I'm going to run 0.8ml ED to keep blood levels as steady as possible and have a nice smooth cut.

PIP was minor, as i havent injected in a while it's most likely just my technique or something (none of us are doctors!) so can't complain. My second jab today had zero PIP.

Now, this morning in the gym i could see a noticeable difference in the 24 hours since my first jab! No real size or strength changes yet (which would be asking far too much of ANY steroid IMO) but what shocked me was how much dryer and more vascular i am, AFTER 1 FUCKING JAB! 1 JAB!!! My training partner was shocked himself, especially as my body-fat isn't that low (20% maybe). I've had a tough time the past few years battling a serious illness that nearly claimed my life last summer, so now that i'm recovering well it's time to rebuild the physique i had before.

I'm impressed. I also have a real 'feel-good factor' going on, i feel motivated, confident and excited to get myself leaned up and really see what the product can do for me.

Keep an eye on this thread people i will keep updating, strength gains, size etc and maybe some pics.

Thanks MTS and order with confidence people!