There's a huge difference between just shovelling food down your throat and having your body actually digest and utilise the nutrients found in the food you eat. You always hear of people telling hard gainers "hey if you're not gaining weight, you're not eating enough so eat more" but while that is a common problem, another issue I see that people don't talk about often would be hard gainers force feeding themselves only for their digestive tracts to not be able to process all that food and you end up just passing it out without really absorbing any essential nutrients.

I took a look at your "food schedule" and yes while for the most part the food items you listed out are what most would consider "clean", they're not the most friendly to digest either. Things like a whole litre of chocolate milk on top of another half litre of regular milk, wheat flour and etc are quite difficult to process and digest so you might end up just passing it out in the toilet where the calories just go to waste. There's also the option of switching up your protein sources to include more fish that's easier to break down and digest so you get hungry faster and can fit in more food overall. You often hear fitness tips telling people to choose nutritionally denser food for satiety - you'll want something that's the other way round. Eating 8k a day and digesting 8k a day is not the same thing.

If you want, the next time you replenish your stash of gear you might want to consider one of my coaching bundles where not only can you get gear for a better price but you'll also have me guiding you along, especially with regards to the utilising and digesting of food bit. Alternatively you could sign up for solo coaching and we'll work on getting you huge the right way.