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    Shredded review

    I am now coming to the end of my 8 week shredded cycle. Being rather sceptical at the start I honestly didn't know what to think of the mix as I've never tried it before.
    My stats are 90kg 170 cm and my bf is roughly 10% now.
    I was on diet of 2600 calories
    240g protein
    80g fat
    230g carbs.

    In the 8 week cycle I have dropped from a uk 36 waiste to a size 32 could wear smaller but legs won't fit trousers. Most importantly in this cut I have maintained the same weight from being slightly over 93kg to now 90kg.

    I have been taking 3ml of shredded a week with a small added dose of test.

    My lifts have consistently gone up weekly. My endurance and focus has been immense during sessions. With the right music my focus and aggression is so strong just get into a zone that I haven't found before .

    My libido has also gone through the roof to a point it a actually uncomfortable but I'm married and wife understands. Also my general sense of well being has been great . Feel a lot more confident.

    I do suffer with anxiety issues on cycles but I honestly haven't had any problems with this cycle.

    I have been on and off cycles for the last ten years and this mix reminds me of when I first started just how strong it felt. I wouldn't try anything else for a cut mix as this has done everything I was hoping .

    Sorry if the review was a bit rambled just hope it helps anyone thinking to use the blend.

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    pls if you make a review would be nice if its organised so people reading it can understand it with ease, best would be to use the below format:

    Communication & Ordering process
    Delivery (T/A) & Packaging
    Items ordered
    Product effectivenes and experience
    Additional commentary

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