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Thread: Would MTS ever consider producing Methasterone tabs etc?

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    Would MTS ever consider producing Methasterone tabs etc?

    Dear MTS

    Would you ever consider producing Methasterone (superdrol), m1t, MHN, 7,17-aa boldenone, Methylstenbolone etc orals?

    A has opened up since the US prohormone/designer steroid ban and now there is a big strain on other labs to meet demands of SD.m1t etc and when I ttied to usually great quality methasterone it was out of stock and they had no.idea on ETA.. People are reportig suddenly that most SD m1t etc is underdosed.or bunk

    I mean I get great reaults on 10 mg sd for 3-4 weeks, strength gains like mad and blow.up from the inside and within a day I look WAY bigger... Put my buddy on some tepid off brand shit and "10"mg did nothing and "20" mg did less than what 10 mg should

    Please MTS, high quality SD etc is what we need! It is alao nice to buyball my gear atore and te rewaed poit ayatem is very.nice too


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    Was also curious about this. Been wanting to try it for some time but finding a reputable source nowadays is like... blahhhhh

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    Really interested in trying out Superdrol as well. Been hearing lots of good stuff about it but I can't get it in my country so it's a huge pity.

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    I don't believe MTS will be investing in the prohormones market any time soon.

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    But these aeent prohormones they are lefit powerful designer steroids! Superdrol is amazing!! Have you ever run it? It blows u up sort of like Anadrol with anadrol strength but doeant give you water retention or bloof of facial.bloat or gyno etc.. Blows ur muscles out from the inside all the water u gain goes in the muscles and you mutate while being dry and.not blooofy honeatly real SD at 10-30 or even 40 mg ed is absolutwly amazing, GH15 lovea the stuff and says it is hands down the best oral in.bodybuilding

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