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Thread: Summer cycle log

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    How many carbs do you eat per day?
    Split your diet into kcal and macronutrients.

    Diet is the key

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    I keep my carbs low

    My current diet is

    Breki - 6 eggs 4 whites 2 whole
    75g Oats with skimmed milk

    Snack 2 tins tuna and veg

    Snack - 4 eeg white and 2 whole omelette

    Lunch - white rice and chicken breast an spinach or lamb n spinach or chicken mince

    Post work - protein shake

    Dinner - chicken thighs or chicken breast steamed white rice

    3-4 litres of water

    I try an keep protein high an get fats from olive oil which i use for all my food.

    What do you think ?

    Where am I going wrong to much food ?

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    I think we need numbers. As mentioned, kcal and grams for the three macronutrients.

    If you do not do this, how do you know how much you are eating?

    You have to do something like this

    fat 20 gr
    carbs 40 gr
    pro 50 gr
    kcal 20*9 + 40*4 + 50*4 = 180 from fat + 160 from carbs + 200 from pro = TOT 540


    and so on.

    It would also be useful to count also sodium and potassium. But this can be done later when your bf is low.

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    what are your macros?

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    At the moment im consuming 1800 calories

    230g carbs
    100g carbs
    65g fat

    This is broken down in 5 meals tracking on my fitness app

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    Now I'm sure I'm going wrong some where
    Gym religiously 5 times a week - cardio has also been added and have become more veiny but stomach area still no where near good Enuf 😔.

    So in need of some of your more experienced guys input- to many forums to many different opinions got me confused 🤷**♀️

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    Is your weight going down? If not, eat less/do more cardio

    Also be realistic, you dont go from a bit out of shape to ripped in 1 month.

    How long are you in your cut? Just keep going

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    Yes weight has gone down I started beginning of the year weighing it at jus under 14 stones I dropped down to 13 and half in a month by adding cardio. After a month of ramdan I have dropped down to 12 an a half an in cycle at present so probs added few pounds again I've added cardio this week and plan to added t3 and clen few weeks down the line.

    Yh I am very inpatient lol

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    1905 kcal tot

    second: where is your metabolism?

    By what time are you in calorie deficit?
    when you are in deficit your metabolism decrease. Do you do some recharge and metabolic boost?

    However if the weight goes down it means you are doing well. You can not lose weight in one day.
    You have to be more patient and take time.

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    Metaoblisim is ok as I'm consuming protein every few hours I don't feel hungry very often even with low carbs.

    I'm not sure what time I get in calorie deficient i do have a refeed once every two weeks.

    Yes weight has come off looking better but feeling smaller if that makes sense. strength has also decreased

    I've cardio this week so plan on doing that for 2 week and then adding in clen for 2 weeks then t3 and back on clen and Tren e at around 8 weeks depending on how I'm like looking decrease calories.

    What do you think ?

    Also should I be decreasing my protein in my Aswel when cutting calories ?

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