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Thread: Summer cycle log

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    I'd keep protein high.

    Can you give an overview on how much you weighed at the start of this cycle, how much you weigh now and how long you're on this cycle already? im a bit confused Hahah

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    Start of the cycle I was 12 an half only been on a week so not much to report.

    Weigh in tomorrow morning

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    2 weeks in test kicking in feeling fuller - cardio 30min after workout calories 1800 - high protein low cards low fat.

    Thinking of adding clen or might wait few weeks as weight is still coming off on scales also got t3.

    feeling tighter muscles feeling more pumped no much to report in regards to strength body temperature is also higher sweating more greasy skin.

    Will post pics as soon as I can training on my own at the moment.

    Reading on eq lots of ppl saying it will target the shoulders more width and more muscles on shoulder surely must be myth any one who equimax how did you get on ? What dose and results did you get.

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