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Thread: New mts product: Tudca

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    New mts product: Tudca

    As many of you know TUDCA is an extremely potent and for this reason almost always used on and post cycle product that protects the liver and rejuvenates it. But TUDCA offers many more benefits besides just the much needed liver protection.

    A few of the well known benefits of TUDCA:

    1. TUDCA helps to protect our liver. Believe it or not, TUDCA is more effective than milk thistle. TUDCA may even reverse liver disease. In addition, TUDCA has the ability to remove poisonous chemicals in the bile protecting the liver from any poisoning and diseases caused by toxic materials.

    2. TUDCA also helps to control cholesterol levels in the liver. TUDCA helps in protecting humans from cholestasis because it has the ability to break down fats resulting to a healthy liver. In addition, TUDCA is also used to treat gallstones with high level of cholesterol.

    3. TUDCA is also helpful in weight loss so it is beneficial to people with fatty liver or people who want to lose fat in their bodies.

    4. TUDCA is also used in other medications to treat visual disorders. A lot of visual disorders are prevented because of the application of TUDCA and other bile acid supplements such as taurine. TUDCA is also known for the treatment of retinitis pigmentosa, a disease where retinal rods experiences apoptosis or programmed cell death.

    I would say that every smart cycle and post cycle therapy should or even must include TUDCA for not just optimal bodybuilding results but for our health in general

    We are offering TUDCA in the EURO and International range:



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    Great idea! Will probably add this on my next order. Are you making new oils too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GillesDef View Post
    Great idea! Will probably add this on my next order. Are you making new oils too?
    no new oils, our range is huge as it is, no need to complivate it more. we literally have everything a bodybuilder needs

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    One a day dosage I suppose?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BobbyC View Post
    One a day dosage I suppose?
    correct 1 per day

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