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    so I have run a 12 week cycle of test e and tren ace. 2ml test e/2ml tren a twice a week . Great results as always but had to come off the tren as it was turning me into a psycho needy girl, constantly paranoid and thinking my missus was cheating. So anyway I finished the blast and have been cruising on 2ml of test e a week and my back has developed these big lumpy painful spots that are angry AF.

    Any advice as I'd quite like to be able to take my top off when the suns out


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    acne is in general a sign of hormone imbalanse. test E you could take 2x per week, tren ace NOT. tren ace is even hard to take EOD, best is ED. what you have created by taking tren acd 2x per week is a mighty rollercoaster of hormones in your body, ups and downs on the daily which is extremely hard on the body and on the mind as you noticed.

    so now your body needs time to balance itself out, also just the test E is probably creating estrogen issues which always gives acne.

    there is a reason why all 15year olds have acne issues and no 72year olds. hormones

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    Good explanation.

    I can recommend you to see your values by bloodwork and act accordingly.

    Is acne in the upper or lower back?

    Meantime, Wash , very hard, a couple of times a day.
    Keep your skin as aseptic as possible.
    Use nizoral (shampoo and cream), benzac, and all other antibacterial agents.
    Take a sun or do the lamp, but do not overdo it.

    Know that, unfortunately for my experience, the signs will remain for a while.

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    What about running arimidex 1mg to level out my eostrogen levels help ?
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    The spots are mainly upper and in the middle typical places I can't reach the fuckers.

    Godzilla, appreciate the cycle advice, how would you typically run tren then for results and also for minimising side affects ?

    Thanks for the feedback

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    Arimidex is for aromatization.

    If you have free estrogen, you need to take nolva.

    Also, spots in the upper back may be for androgens and not for estro.

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    Thanks Phill, would you recommend nova eod?

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    I recommend do blood tests first to see levels, and act accordingly.

    You have an hormone imbalance.
    Before take another things and create other discomfort to your body, you have to be sure that the way you take is the right one.

    Do you have other signs of high estrogen levels? like water retention? or something to nipples?

    What are you taking Now? are you on test only cruise? how many mg?

    However for nolva, and in general for all, I dont like eod, I prefer ED even if I need to split the dosage. And even better to split morning / evening.
    Your body absorbs differently each time.

    But nolva has a long life so even eod should be ok.
    In addition to long life, even the buildup in the system is about 5/6 days.
    For this the first dose should be high (frontload).

    keep us Updated

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    Thanks Phill

    My nips looks quite puffy, but no itching which I had on a previous cycle. So I'm guessing it is water retention around that area.

    I am cruising on test e (all my gear is med tech) 2ml Monday and Thursday.

    I am considering another blast very soon, and would welcome your recommendations. I still have plenty of test e, Tren ace and lean gain on hand, but wanted to sort my back issues out first


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    I'm thinking about stopping everything and running pct tabs 2 weeks after my last injection ???

    Also where is the best place to get bloods done ?


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