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Thread: DECCA 300 pain

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    DECCA 300 pain

    Hey all.

    First post in here so HI YA ....

    I'm running decca 300 as part of my course. serial number checks out.

    I'm getting a little soreness post injection.

    Any advice ?

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    try mixing it with a single product, sometimes this can help. overal we dont get many if any real PIP issues, not even with our high mg/ml blends but ofcourse sometimes it can happen

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    Nice one thanks.
    I'll try that and maybe also warm the oil up a little first ..


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    I always tell guys to inject SLOWLY. Take your time and get the oil into the muscle slowly, don't rush it. This way you don't create much scar tissue. Then when you're done get a warm towel and gently massage the area.

    Also, in harder to reach areas like glutes, try not to have the needle wiggle too much when it's in you. Have one hand keep it steady while you inject. Sometimes, injection technique can lead to lumps, soreness and pain too rather than just high-concentration oils.

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    The technique really means a lot. And also the injection site (you need to take the muscle not tendons or anything else), the depth, virgin muscle, ecc.

    You also have to see if everything is sterile. Maybe there was dirt somewhere.

    I also recommend you to warm up well the oil, inject in another site very slowly and look what happens.

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    thanks all for your input.

    Im aware my glutes have a little scare tissue in .. This sometimes makes pushing the oil in super hard.,

    Feel like pushing concrete, but the same oil in quads slides in easy.,

    I use quads, glutes and delts.

    I think I need to explore another area.,

    Whats the best after these ones ??

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