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Thread: Pct first cycle

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    Pct first cycle

    Okay hi guys, iv just started my first test e 300 & dbol cycle, my first week in. Im looking if someone can tell me when will i start a pct and what products i will need to buy? Hopee im in the right place thanks.

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    How long you running it for as it's a long ester I think you start pct 2 weeks after your last shot. Nolva and clomid check in shop on the list.

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    Can only do it for 5 weeks as im away on holiday... I should get results from 5 weeks 2 ml a week? 25mg ED dbol first 4 weeks..??
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    you will get some results mate but 5 weeks just isn't long enough and 2ml of test a week is just not enough
    I would double that

    4 weeks on the oral is fine

    how long you going away on holiday as the test E wouldn't be out your system for two weeks

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    2ml of test e is plenty. If its 250mg ml that should be ample.

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