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Thread: 2nd Cycle advice.....currently still on my first...

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    2nd Cycle advice.....currently still on my first...

    I'm currently on my first cycle..

    300mg Test E...Monday
    200mg Mast E...Monday

    300mg Test E...Thursday
    200mg Mast E...Thursday

    Arimidex 0.25mg every other day...currently just over 3.5 weeks into a 10 week cycle, have Nolva, Clomid, Letro and ordered HCG earlier today, as it was out of stock

    Just ordered some Sustanon 250 (on offer), and have Turinabol here, is that a good 2nd cycle?

    Also have Equi-Max here and hopefully 3 other oils turning up as i wrote a review on Eroids.. they are Big N Full, Med-Ment and Deca 300....

    Any help would be greatly appreciated..


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    seems like a decent cycle what was your first cycle like?

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    It's going pretty good, didn't really notice anything strength wise until Monday this past week, first noticeable change was my libido, I'm always horny now!! Also my weight has gone up 3.4kg in those 3 weeks. Seem to look like I've lost fat too....all in all I'm very happy.

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    Sust with Tbol is gonna add weight very slowly onto you, but it will be quality size. If you wanna chase mass though, I'd stack the Sust with Big N Full or Deca instead. You'll pack on more tissue by the end of the cycle, but you'll sacrifice a bit and put on way more water and bloat comparatively.

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    Thanks for the reply, might go Sustanon and Tbol, save Deca or Big N Full for the one after that!

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