very much impressed with this professional business mentality. world would be a better place if half the people ran their businesses like this.

Communication & Ordering process
professional all the way. very quick turnaround. no games.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging
delivery speed FAST. packaging is second to none. done so well that i was immediately pissed off about my package wondering WTF is this.

Items ordered
MTS international hard n lean

Product effectivenes and experience
was very weary about using tren for first time. too many horror stories. the senior members of the forum was very knowledgeable and informative( definitely plenty of experience.) after a couple of weeks had to cut back on the dose. strength through the roof, fat melting off 265 to 251 and would hardly call a diet. went to beach and was on a diet of beer, rum, ritz crackers and ice cream. came home weighing less before i left. little to no pip. (if you cant deal with a little pip you don't need to be doing this.)

Additional commentary
the par has been set high with MTS. hopefully the beginning of a beautiful long time relationship.