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Thread: 10 any items deal

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    10 any items deal

    posted this is the wrong section i believe..
    Goes like this description had : ANY MYS OIL so i went 8 x MED MUTASION 2 x TRI TREN
    what i got was 8 x MED BLEND 500 2 x TRI TREN , now problem is in the picture med blend 500 is almost see through not yellow where as the one i get is yellow it looks exactlly just like tren.. So i tried it and it does seem to only have tren in it.. I will send it to get checked really dissapointed i have sent you an email no reply is why i posted this up.. I kinda want to know what went wrong i didnt get my mutasion and the med blend you sent me IS NOT med blend its tren or tri tren..

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    Mate as stated in the other section

    any issues contact the are judging the gear by old pics and you are also not a walking test centre
    so you wouldn't no by just taking the med blend that its only does have Tren in this blend

    it was most likely a picking error, so before you end up getting yourself banned
    I would talk to the staff

    I have been buying gear for over two years from here and just wouldn't go anywhere else...simples

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    case closed
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