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Thread: Possible future MTS cycle..

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    Question Possible future MTS cycle..

    This any good as a possible future cycle? Or should it be the Test E first then move onto Big N Full? Dbol, Tbol or Anapolon for the kickstart???

    This is what i have here;

    * Deca; NANDROLONE DECAONATE 300mg/ml x1

    * Sustanon; TEST PROP 30mg, TEST ISO 60mg, TEST PHENYL PROP 60mg, TEST DEC 100mg (250mg TOTAL) x2

    * Big ā€™nā€™ Full; BOLDENONE UNDECYLENATE 200mg, TEST BLEND 400mg, TOTAL: 600mg x2

    * Equi-Max; BOLDENONE UNDECYLENATE 500mg/ml*x2

    * Med-Ment (Trestolone); TRESTOLONE ACETATE 50mg x1

    * Test E x 4

    i'd have to buy the tablets...and/or more oils



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    good big cycle, will make you full and strong like a bull. dont need to just do test E first, use the ON time as best you can

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    Thanks for the reply...looking forward to to being full and strong, like a bull! i can't fucking wait!!



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    How does this cycle compare??? Test,Deca,Dbol...or Test,EQ,Dbol??

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