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Thread: Fat burners

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    Fat burners

    Hi guys ,

    I saw on here a while back that you had sourced some ephedrine, i think you were planning to do an eca stack. Just wondering if you had any update on this or future plans for it. I for one would be delighted of you made this type of product.

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    Agreed, I would be interested in such a product too! Fatburners are rarely effective. The only ones I have found to work are caffeine, ephedrine, DNP, DMAA and hella lots of cardio lol !

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    Hello, there are many fat burners available in the market. You can also try natural fat burner like salmon, peanut butter, honey with warm water. There also herbal tea like detox tea, which also helps to reduce weight.
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    I agree that there are many fat burners available in the market, but you need to take advice of your nutritionist before using it. Salmon and green tea can be helpful. My friend is also using thé detox and according to him it is very helpful for reducing weight. I think this can be the best way of burning fat.

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