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Thread: Test E var / primo

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    Test E var / primo

    First post I think, but already a while MTS customer.
    I still have some MTS products with a expire date early 2018. So the plan is to finish all these products in one cycle.

    The idea is:

    Week 1 - 6

    Test E 300mg a week
    Oxandrolon 350mg a week (50mg a day)

    Week 7 - 12

    Test E 600mg a week
    Primobolan 700mg a week

    HCG week 1 - 13

    Clomid week 14 - 17

    Plan is to eat about 500 calories above maintenance level. Try to put on very less fat / water.

    Good idea, or is there a better way to use these items.
    I have 220x 10mg oxandrolon, enough Test E and about 42ml of primo (100mg/ml).

    Thanks in advance!

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    What are your current stats? I assume what you have is Primo E and not Primo Ace, which takes a little longer to kick in? Run the Primo right from week 1 if this is the case.

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    I've got primo E (MTS ofcourse). So stay on primo the whole cycle and add oxandrolon for the last 6 weeks?
    Also better to run a lower dose on the Primo?
    Is it also better than to keep the Test on one level (300mg or 600mg)?

    Current stats are:
    196 cm
    Around 96 kg
    10% fat

    Was better before but because my wife had some serious surgery there was very litlle time to train.

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    I think for your stats 700mg Primo all the way is ok. I assume the goal of this cycle is to harden and dry up a little, look a little more polished? If so keep the Test at 300mg, keeps the water bloat down. For the var depends on what you have in line to be honest, you could run it the first few weeks as a mild kickstart, or if you have a photoshoot planned towards the end of the cycle you could save it for the last 6 as well. Use the cosmetic effects of the oral to your advantage and situation.

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    Wonderfull, thank you very much for the advice. Goal is not to have a huge amount of mass, but indeed the polished look.

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