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    Im 22 years old crossfit athlete, looking for improving my strength, im thinking of taking anavar with 10mg dosage per day for 8 weeks, i dont want to gain more than 6 lb, all i want is to improve my strength without affecting my endurance and conditioning performance, and i dont want my body shut down, and my strength performance after the cycle would decrease alot , how long it is stay on the body after the cycle?, i dont want to get positive on drug test.

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    with all these conditions, I apologize with medtech, but you can stay without steroids

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    In most cases I've seen, you should be able to maintain the bulk of your strength even after coming off unless you're pushing world-record numbers then that's a different story. This is of course contingent to you eating and training right even after coming your cycle. If you want to maintain or even improve endurance and conditioning, I would stay away from compounds like Tren. You'd want to look at compounds like Halo for strength and EQ for some increase in stamina. Winstrol is a good compound to look at too, as is Test Suspension. Avoiding body shut down is not possible while on cycle, sadly, but you can get everything back on track with a solid PCT protocol. How long the drugs stay in your body depends not only on the individual half lives of each compound, but also things like your own metabolism which can slow or quicken the process by a fair bit. Thus if you don't want to test positive (which I don't agree with because you have no business competing in a tested contest if you're enhanced - compete against other people who use instead), you wouldn't want to jump in your first competition with gear right away. You'd run a few cycles outside of competition just to see how your body responds and how long you take to regulate the compounds before you can time it right.

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    anavar or tbol are very good for strenght without adding any bloat. i would go higher on the anavar then 10mg, try and see what your sweetspot is

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