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Thread: Med mutasion

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    Med mutasion

    Can we hear some
    Feedback on this product anybody used it a lot? I was thinking of 1ml ed for a comp prep would be amazing drop it a few weeks out because of the eq though.

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    I've been using this for a while now and it really is my favorite blend. Wrote a review about it in another thread. I think it's accurately dosed, even with so many products squeezed into 1ml. The only problem is that the oil is quite thick that's all.

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    I will be using this blend soon myself doing 1cc eod and adding in primo to it at an extra 200 mg a week so it'll 550 primo and 700 eq with the ace&mast p I'm expecting good things!

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    That latest promotion cleared us out.... all sold. Even our resellers are out too.
    Won't be until end of March until more will be available.

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    i cant wait

    looks like ill be using 1cc for last 6-9 weeks of prep

    will review when the time comes

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