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Thread: MTS Real Deal

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    MTS Real Deal

    I'm running the Med Mutasion first of all perfect name for it. I've been running ed for two weeks with 500 mgs of Cyp per week. I was once a loyal customer of another site for over 5 years. MTS has my business for life. The long esters haven't even started and I've gained 5 lean pounds. let's mutate

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    sounds very good and keep us updated on how it is going

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    I will definitely keep you posted. I'm just under 3 months back from a chest tear where i had to take off for a year. All my numbers were in the gutter reps and singles. I'm 5'6" hovering around 200 lbs. I've already noticed my strength going up did a 3 piece squatting yesterday with 495 though not overly impressive just 2 months ago could barely squeak 1 out with 405. I also benched 405 this week when just a month ago 315 was a rough 2. The numbers on the scale aren't moving too much but you can see my body chemistry changing. Adipose tissue starting to fade giving way to that dry separated look we all strive for. Let's just say I love this shit

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