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Thread: How quickly will the peptides work?

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    How quickly will the peptides work?

    Some of the affect will come from immediate lipolysis. It will be up to you to use the fatty acids released as energy. Bobaslaw use to say you either eat your own fat internally or you can consume fat or food orally....or something like that.

    One problem most people have is that they break their dieting time period into 24 hour cycles or days. It is better to break it into smaller periods - Mod/GHRP dose and then a block of time of at least 5 hours following during which time you free fats from cells, do not eat competing food sources for energy, maybe take in some caffeine or biotin and be active. By active I mean standing is better then sitting, walking is better then standing, climbing stairs or inclines is better then walking, etc. You don't need to do that constantly but as much as you can during that window. The stomach will shut up if you munch on raw veggies, I don't worry about carbs in carrots or you can use the psyllium, guar gum, apple pectin formula stickied in the fat loss forum, or use caffeine, water, etc.

    That sort of thing you can begin immediately with clinical grade Mod GRF (1-29) (the best analog of GHRH (Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone for humans) and Ipamorelin, GHRP-6, GHRP-2 (various GHRPs (Growth Hormone Reasing Peptides)) .

    Now there are other benefits which seem to ramp up over time such as an increase in resting energy expenditure. A 100kcal energy expenditure increase will make itself visible in an accumulation sort of way several weeks into usage.

    As for the impact that Pulsatile GH has in the realm of accumulated amino acids and protein synthesis, that takes time it also takes time to see an impact on satellite cell populations and recruitment because GH will not take that entire system and give you noticeable strength and size without other factors. Those factors are resistance training, available male sex hormone, time, cofactors....

    The movement of glycogen in and out of muscle can make you see changes as can water... These fluxes can help increase momentary strength as well. But toggling with fast and or carbless post workouts will affect that visual impact in the short term and you'll get fluctuations in appearance and scale weight. A finely tuned protocol with the peptides can bring genuine changes in hypertrophy on a month to month basis.

    As for tha appearance of better skin that will be noticeable within 3 months.

    Recovery will be better within a weeks time if you are someone who needs help in that area.

    Sleep will be more restful after the first administration.

    If you are an older individual you will feel better overall and that benefit is cumulative.

    If your profile is older or post menopausal or someone who has problems dealing with environmental toxins, the Pulsatile profile will skew the making of liver enzymes toward those that I believe on balance metabolize environmental assaults better. This would include... or appear to include an enzyme profile correlated with lower incidence of breast cancer. This sort of thing is not measurable by time...

    If you are obese I hate that word, let's say if you are overweight and have pre-diabetes, then if you do not slowly introduce the peptides and take steps to counter insulin resistance and fail to burn off the liberated FFAs, then you may see your morning fasted blood glucose levels rise. It is the amount of GH that will determine this and not the amplitude of pulsation so going slow at first is beneficial. Over time if you have a proper protocol in place you can see significant changes in body fat levels. This sort of change in this population of people will not become so evident with GH elevations, but will be dramatic with the peptides rather quickly.

    If you are dealing with bone ailments, healing will speed up. Fracture healing will be 30% faster... As for better bone mineral density an improvement on the scan can be had within 9 months.

    If you are dealing with injury repair the peptides have a background impact and can bring healing where healing seemed extremely slow before. This back ground impact can be coupled with direct micro-dosing injection near the site of injury with MGF for a speedier, more thorough healing of most types of injuries.

    Some people report fairly rare happenings such as better vision over 6 months.

    If you are in the elderly population you can expect to see a restoration of organ size to youthful size but no larger within 6 months. As the thymus is restored in size there is a better immune system.

    These are the sort of time frames...

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    Good post, might be interesting and instructing for many people

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    Stick with hgh peptides are a waste.
    Why waste time when you’ve got the real
    Thing and compete amino chain of amino profile in hgh doing everthing these peptide do indirectly

    Like hgh frag ghrp

    You get all this simply by using hgh.

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