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Thread: Mts best gear i've ever taken

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    Mts best gear i've ever taken

    I've been on the Med Mutatsion for forty days tomorrow. I've taken ed along with big and full twice a week. I was out of the gym for a year with a torn per. This week marks only my 12th week back. When I started MTS (a god send) I was 188 depleted flat pounds. To others I looked fine but to people like us I was a rag doll. Happy to say just under 6 weeks on the stack I am 215 lbs naked on a scale I'm not adding clothes and sneakers to that. That's 27 lbs granted some water weight from the retarded amount of Equipoise but I'm back. I'll never bench 515lbs again but my body has never looked and felt better. oh yeah I'm only '5"6. I still have another 6 to go let's see what kind of mutation can happen in just a 12 week cycle. oh and I need you guys to get your pct+ back in I need that lol. Thank you MTS I won't say any names but you stole me away from a site I used for over 6 years in one cycle. Love MTS

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    thank you for the review and the support, we are glad you like our products so much. stick around, things are only to be better!

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