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Thread: First Off season

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    First Off season

    Currently 10 weeks into my first off season working under JP

    Height 511
    weight 118kg
    age 26

    Current cycle

    600mg test e
    600mg primo
    300mg npp
    300mg deca

    All Med-tech/Bio science

    My power has went through the roof I am back on cycle 3 weeks now pressing 90kg dbs for 8 reps flat bench, 70kg shoulder press for 10 reps, 300kg box squat for 5/6 reps etc

    Instagram & facebook with videos, pictures and training footage -

    Any questions etc feel free to message me

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    Awesome wow 😅 Im on comp prep but in 3 weeks its going to my lovely offseason. Im from germany. Do you take hgh or slin?

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    Hey I am not allowed to use slin yet, I am taking some GH like 2iu a day to help with my bad elbows so far it seems to be working! its quite dear tho I couldnt afford it monthly

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    You are a BEAST, incredible. well done and keep going!

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