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Thread: Med blend 500

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    Med blend 500


    Any try med blend 500
    200mg eq
    200mg test e
    50mg Tren
    50mg masteron

    Make this blend pain (pip) after injection?

    The blend look nice to me because I don’t like high Tren.

    I want try
    4ml med blend 500 and I will add more masteron e 400mg a week.

    The cycle will look like that:
    800mg eq
    800mg test e
    600mg masteron
    200mg Tren e

    But if the blend give pip I don’t want it!

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    PIP is sometimes person dependant. some have it and some dont. in general our products have minimal PIP if any, although any blend which is so high dosed lends itself to have a bit more PIP. how much exactly and if its bad or not for you is impossible to predict, most people have little to no issues with it

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    Okay, i Will buy it soon and see

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