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    cycle advice

    Have taken 2 oral only cycles, 1 cycles of sus 250 500ml a week and dbol, was great!! Second cycle was sus 250 and DECA 300 300ml every 4 days along side that with dbol. I didn't make any real gains from it, not sure if it was the source or just didn't take enough!

    Currently 96kg, 15% body fat while I'm not to worried about as I lose weight pretty well!! I eat least 5 days a week I'm clean! I have 5-6 solid meals maybe nibbles as well! Weights going up steady but I need advice on next cycle!! I wanna get so solid gains. What sorta cycle should I look at sus DECA again or maybe test tren a??? I know I'm okay with sus and DECA just fancy a change as last cycle was so poor!


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    15% bf is actually quite high, you should aim for around 10% as a maximum for bulking. . You respond better with less BF.

    SUST 250 and DECA every 4 days is hardly anything. Not sure what your starting point was and how much training you had under you though.

    I personally would do the following:

    1) Cut from 15% to 10%. It's simply too high for my liking. Use the classic TEST/MAST/TREN combo. I don't like your BF with how you write eat clean etc... if you eat clean.. you wouldn't be 15%. You are simply eating too much, not training enough to utilise the calories, or your drugs are garbage.
    2) Take SUST / TEST E @ 4ml/week + DECA @ 3ml / week + DBOL 40-50mg/day. Then introduce EQ at 3ml/week as you progress. There isn't many fancy things you can do. Everything is classical. You could add HGH and insulin, but you don't need it and it will be dangerous with your level of experience.

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    Wow well I never... I have been very miss guided by someone I would consider experienced! Shows when moneys involved you get told alsorts!

    I've been training 3 solid years, cut really well in summer to 8% looked sick!! Worked hard as hell for it! Wanted to bulk up again and well it all went wrong!!! I eat clean 5 days a week during bulk and 2 days is a dirty if I'm honest!! No point lieing!!

    As I explained the gear I had was crap simple as!! Could go into it but it's pointless!!
    I'm looking to keep it simple, 'classic' as you put it!! I'm not nieve to thing I'm ready for fancy cycles!! Thank you for your honest advice!!

    Got prop/tren/mast on the way 50mg ed or 75mg? Or trial and error as I've not used these compounds before!!

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    I'd do 50/day. You're trying to maintain muscle, not build on a cut so you'd be wasting hormones. Also more hormones usually means more hunger which is not ideal for a cut.

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