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Thread: Product authentic?

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    Product authentic?

    Bought some tabs from our gym owner who gets MTS stuff, a buddy of mine and me got some bulk bombs. His has an authenticity strip on it and it came back authentic and mine doesn't even have the authenticity scratchaway.
    Not only this, his bottle says it has 4 compounds whereas mine speciically states each compound in the tablet.

    His expires 05/19 and mine 05/20 if that helps.

    Can anyone clear it up?

    Edit: The pills look basically identical when taken out (a green oval colour)

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    the ONLY place you can be certain of getting REAL MTS PRODUCTS is our website here. we cant guarantee or stand behind anybody else but ourselves. so make sure you and your friends always buy here and are certain of getting real MTS products

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    So.. based on the picture you have no insight as to whether its real or not?

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    I would say these are authentic.

    But there are several *so-called* resellers who are copying our products. In January, we will make a new system and new dispatch process.

    We will make new labels that distinguish orders that originate from the website.

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    Appreciate the replies - will be purchasing directly in future.

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