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Thread: Lean gain one bottle week opinions

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    You look very good! Might want to crop out your face in the second pic (not the best idea to put your face up on a steroid forum) but definitely with your diet in place I would say 16 weeks is more than enough to even get you ready for a show so go for it buddy! Post a log or something and keep us updated on your progress!

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    thanks the coach , i know i will delete it soon. I would think so too , only thing is my fast metabolism and i think i might need to go somewhat in a deficit but not too much or i will look flat as f**k.
    I tend to lose and gain weight very easily , i really would like to see my weight stable maybe a loss of 10 lbs at the most while getting to the 7% bodyfat. will start in third week of december and yes i will post a log with pictures and show you how its working for me.

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    Don't worry so much about getting flat - 99% of the time it's just your head screwing with you. Ask your friends who don't lift to spot the difference and probably none of them will notice anything off. When you're cutting down to mid-singles you gotta embrace the flatness. It's nothing a carb-up over the weekends can't fix - you'll be looking full and pumped again soon.

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    yes when i get down to sub 10% i will here and there have a carb up day when i feel flat or my workouts arent as good as usual.The thing is im still thinking if its not better to have the 3 compounds stand alone instead of a blend. But as i heard so much good reviews about mts blends i just go for it and hopefully kicks ass , its so convenient that im injecting much less volume and still get my dosage than having to inject 20 cc's instead of just 10cc especially when you think about a 16 week cycle with short esters lol.
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    The blends are very accurately dosed so no need to worry about that - why inject 3x as much oil when you can get away with everything in just 1 bottle

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