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Thread: Lean gain one bottle week opinions

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    Lean gain one bottle week opinions

    hello guys , in little as 3 weeks im gonna have my short 8 weeks blast cycle

    im planned to do the following ;

    week 1 - 8 test prop 500 mg
    week 1 - 8 mast prop 750 mg
    week 1 - 8 tren ace 750 mg
    week 4 - 8 stanavar 150 mg ed

    so basically 1 bottle of lean gain each week for 8 weeks and last 5 weeks anavar & winstrol for 75mg each ed
    This sound a lot but i've run tren ace at 700 mg before along with test and mast and my body seems to handle it quite well without too much sides apart from insomnia and sweating while training . always sleep with a fan so cant really say about night sweats since i never have them with or without tren. im looking to gain around 10 lbs while losing 3-4% bodyfat. what do you guys think about this 1 bottle per week plan , i know it sounds crazy , anyone run these at this dosage? and is my goal realistic in 8 weeks , diet traning rest in check ofcourse.
    current weight 200 lbs around 13% at 6 ft. i will have caber on hand as well as adex.

    thanks alot

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    its a high dosage yes but you know your body and goals and we have seen guys run things much higher so shouldnt be any issues.

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    Godzilla any major pip from the lean gain as those blends tends to give pip ?

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    No pip nice and smooth I ran 1.5ml eod

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    And did you really felt like it was as good as taking all 3 stand alone , and really feel the effects of tren. I know mts products are dosed on point and as claimed but just curious. What kind of results did you get and how many weeks

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    Test/Tren/Mast blends and (especially) Stanavar shines the most when you break into the single digits of body fat. Losing 3% of body fat going from 13% to 10% you'll find yourself hardening up a little, some increase in vascularity here and there. But consider extending the cycle and dropping another 3%. Going from 10% to 7% has you losing the same amount of body fat - just 3%, but the visual difference will be night and day. You probably won't be able to recognise yourself in the mirror and those around you will definitely be yelling at the crazy changes your body makes. You will see the graininess and 3D effects of these compounds into play, making your physique look much denser and crisp.

    Your doses look fine to me, as Godzilla said, plenty of guys running higher doses. If you're worried, have blood work done pre and mid-cycle to see where your levels are at and adjust your game plan from there. But I do feel you will like having a longer cycle, maybe 12 to 16 weeks instead to fully enjoy the effects of your products.

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    Thanks bro for the advice and input!
    Well yes , i was considering an 16 week cycle but then again im afraid that the shorter esters will produce the majority of gains in the first 8 weeks and then slown down drastically while still getting the side effects , you know what i mean here?
    If im gonna do a 16 week cycle maybe its better to start the first 8 weeks with the enanthate esters of all 3 , then the last 8 weeks the shorter esters? And i was thinking about primo will it have a good addition or will it be waste of money considering i thought of 800-1000 mg week along with the lean gain. And yes i want to go down to 7 % in 16 weeks , i think that is achievable if my diet and training is spot on im actually trying to regain my lost muscle with this cycle

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    I don't know where you got the notion of 'short esters will produce the majority of gains in the first 8 weeks and then slow down drastically while still getting the side effects'. You don't build up tolerance to a steroid in such a short time - it takes years of blasting non-stop to have that kind of desensitisation. You might be thinking of starting at a lower dose and tapering up throughout the cycle instead, but honestly for this short of cycle I don't really see the point and I would save that sort of technique for contest prep (where you ramp up on drying agents and orals at the end of prep to harden up) or when you're blasting year round. Doesn't make sense to switch esters mid-cycle for that - you'd be wasting the first half of the cycle waiting for your levels to build up so you'd essentially be running a shorter cycle (in the sense of actually reaping the gains) for a longer duration. Plus you'd have your hormone levels fluctuating wildly because of the esters coming in and out all over the place so that's not very healthy for your body either. I would recommend having short esters irregardless of cycle length (so that you have the flexibility of pulling out and adjusting, dose wise, compounds without having to wait long for these changes to come into play). Long esters are more for convenience where you don't have to pin as regularly - twice a week compared to every day. But ultimately whether you choose long esters or short esters for the cycle, stick to that for the entire duration of the cycle. You want to keep blood levels as stable as possible.

    I think you're getting too far ahead with this cycle with the primo idea - save that for your next cycle where you start off very lean and focus on building lean tissue in that cycle. Focus on fat loss for this cycle, not try to juggle two things at once.
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    So 16 weeks short ester will be ok? I dont mind the pinning and have 6 rotation sites for now , quads delts glutes. If needed maybe will do chest too.
    If the lean gain contains exactly what it says on the label i only will need that as the injectable. Is it maybe better to start little lower and then up it to 10 cc week. What i meant by after 8 weeks no gains is that i will need more of everything after the gains slow down or progression i should say. As the weeks go by , i will find myself needing more than what i started with and dont want to crush my bp going more than a gram on tren ace. Primo was an idea but its better like you said to keep that for when im 7% and focus on building lean mass
    Now imagine this 16 week lean gain cycle go really well , i want to end 190lbs 7% possible you think?
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    I don't think you'll ever come into a scenario where at the 8th week mark, you stop making gains all of a sudden. Tren starts to shine at that calendar point so, assuming diet and training on point, you should be seeing your results double from that point onwards. It's better to keep the dosing consistent throughout the entire cycle at your current level (I hope you don't take offence to me phrasing things this way, and I apologise in advance if I come across too blunt). But 6ft makes you a pretty tall guy, and 200lbs at that height I do feel that your current dosing plan is just the right amount for where your physique currently is - no need to start lower or ramp up later on. Save the higher dosages for when you're trying to break the 220lbs and 250lbs mark down the road, your current cycle is good to go and you're set to looking really good at the end of 16 weeks buddy don't worry. To me it feels like you're coming across with a lot of unnecessary worry and paranoia - the kind of issues you're pointing out do exist but they're mostly problems faced by guys who are near maxing out their AAS limits and are pushing the GH and Slin dosages to advance further.

    I assure you that as long as you keep your injections consistent, your diet on point and your training intense, you'll get the results you want. I think your blood pressure is going to go up higher from you worrying so much than from 1g Tren Ace So just calm down (cortisol impedes fat loss) and enjoy the process my friend, as I said earlier, you're all set and ready to go.

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