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    need advice

    Going in for an all out rebuild

    Basically, became an alcoholic...managed to get my body fat percentage alllllll the way up to 36%.

    I'm now 20-25% at 82.5 Kg 171 cm tall (skinny fat as fuck).

    I've cut from 36--->20-25% on just 200 mg/w test e and a PSMF.

    I now want to get lean albeit small and demuscled at a FAST rate and then rebuild the tissue structure.

    I'm currently training 3-4x a week barbell routine low volume on 875-1200 kcal a day.

    I plan to add in:
    100 mg EOD Test prop
    100 mg EOD Tren ace
    100 mg EOD Mast prop
    (in addition to 200 mg/w test e)

    For metabolic enhancement, I want to add in:
    50 mcg t3 ED
    400 mg DNP ED

    I need to get my total fat mass down from about 17-20 Kg to about 8-10 Kg.

    Not concerned about LBM loss, just NEED to get the fat off so I have a lean base to work with and tissue comes back fast. All the tren test mast and dbol I have is good for that.

    For my cruise, I want:
    300 mg/w test enth
    200 mg/w mast enth

    Cycle in and out Tren ace and anadrol for peaking physique.

    I am planning on buying the MTS unfinished oils so I have enough gear to last me for the rest of my time doing this.

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    I'd personally swap the DNP for Clen just for health's sake since you already plan to stress the body with Tren.
    Since you was running a Ketosis diet for quite a while now, I think it would be nice to swap to a high protein, low fat and low-ish carb diet now.
    Swap around the training around to shock those muscles, implementing some more cardio in too.
    Not sure how long you've been on TRT dose of test but I'd say your body is used to it now so you made an alright time to once again "shock the body" with the ripped blend cycle.

    Others here might tell you to drop more BF off first for oestrogen purposes etc.. but I'm not gonna convince you with that. I'm just gonna say after you finish off the cycle say 12-16 weeks you should go back to TRT test dose and cruise for abit again for health purposes. Tho I'd say without the Mast. Just test tho, 300mg is still quite a bit much for your stats IMO.

    I'm currently working on a body recomp myself actually.
    Just on Test and EQ atm. Will throw in Stanavar and Tren in a couple of months time.
    I would run Clen & T3 as well but I'm in a dire situation for money atm. Trying to sell a crashed car atm.
    Someone might ask why am I even cycling if thats the case but I've already got all my gear, AI & PCT from earlier on the year. Just been saving it since I came off cycle back in May.
    Would be nice to share our progress together mate.

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