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Thread: Info on £

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    Info on £

    How can I view price list in £ , thanks Daz

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    Ok few things:

    It is related to your IP. The technical term is that your internet company, supposedly has given you an IPv6 address to connect. Our site cannot detect the location (COUNTRY) of any IPv6.

    The default currency of the site is not GBP. It is EURO. So if your location cannot be detected (in this case because it is IPv6), then it will default to EUR.

    There is NO WAY to fix this.

    The only solution is to use a different internet connection (eg. at work) that possibly will use IPv4 which we can detect.

    80% of connections will use IPv4. You cannot ask your ISP to give you an IPv4, as I say above, you just need to use a different ISP. Maybe your phone, maybe your work, or your friend. It is not possible to just set it to IPv4 just for you. Sometimes you might get a connection at home with IPv4 and next time IPv6.

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    Ok thanks for quick full reply , I will try another WiFi source 👍


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