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Thread: 350 test enth 800 deca/w

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powertard View Post

    btw I sort of fucked up again

    Had to use 21 g again in my right glute this time. 50 mg tren ace 300 mg test e. I have a lump of scar tissue on my glute which up until now I thought was just undissolved oil from the last shot. So I place the 21 g on the lump and press in. It goes though the skin into the thin later of fat under and stops, I apply a bit of pressure and that familiar pinch takes me off guard a bit. It then gets completely stuck and will not go in further. I apply a bit more pressure and sort of turn it slightly and it still doesn't go in. I then add more pressure and more then suddenly **CCRRRCCCHH CRUNCH* the needle breaks through the scar tissue and pretty much the whole 1.5 inch 21 g needle goes right into my glute lol. It hurt pretty bad for a bit then I just pinned. I took it out and about 0.2 ml leaked out which never usually happens.
    I had a spot in my left quad that woukd do this. Guarantee tren cough. I've since rolled the hell out of it and the scar tissue is gone. Also stopped pinning there since January.

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    I will need to roll it by the looks of it, the lump is pretty large

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    This bloat is pretty frickin severe now guys

    I started up the adex again at 0.5 mg eod because of itchy nipples, my face is still hugely bloated as well as just my entire body lol

    Whenever I lay down for a while, when I get up my face actually feels heavier and I can feel the water coming out of my eyes. It is so bloated my eyes won't open fully and my mouth looks tiny in comparison to my cheeks etc.

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    Oh god I fucked up again.

    I decided to pin delts with a slin pin with 1 ml (100 mg) tren ace because I accidentally forgot today because I was busy

    I don't know what happened but I pinned and the damn oil went sub-q. I was pinning and I noticed this burning pain when I was done about 0.3 ml. By 0.6 ml there was a lump inflating where I was pinning. The burning was getting worse. By 0.8 ml it was like holding a flame on my skin and by 1.0 ml I had tears in my eyes. I pulled the pin out and some leaked out, about 0.1 ml and I instantly realized what I did. My arm is paralyzed with pain, moving it literally gives the sensation of holding a flame on my delt. I cannot sleep at all, everytime the blanket touches it I get a jolt of pain surging through my arm.

    I am not 100% sure what I did wrong. I have pinned there many times with a slin pin. I pinned at 90 degrees, as always.

    Looks like I will have to take a **MEDICAL** dose of codeine to quell the pain a bit so I can sleep. We ran out of paracetamol and other NSAIDs and we only have that. I'll take 15 mg, that should take some pain away so I can sleep. I also have hurt my wrist today somehow and it is all swollen and painful so I'll get some Ibuprofen tomorrow.


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    So I ended up getting to sleep at around 8 am today and I had to get up at 10 am anyway.

    I am totally fucked.

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    That blows man. I know when I have tren in blood I can get by on little sleep. Idk how you'll fair :/

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    I have found I can certainly get by on less sleep

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    Written from the depths of trensomnia
    Bostin Loyd song, to be sung to Girls just want to have fun by Cyndie Lauper

    I go to the Gym in the morning light
    My trainer asks "when you gonna run a cycle right?"
    Oh trainer bro you're not the fortunate one
    Injecting 3ccs is fun
    Oh injecting 3css of everything is fun

    The phone rings in the middle of the night
    My bro yells "What are you gonna do for your prep?"
    "I'm big daddy B and I'm number one"
    Injecting 3ccs is fun
    Oh injecting 3css of everything is fun

    That's all they really want
    Some Tren
    When the workout day is done
    Injecting 3ccs is fun
    Oh injecting 3ccs of everything is fun

    Some guys take their blood work
    And hide it away from the rest of the world
    My kidneys have really fucked up BUN
    Injecting 3ccs is fun
    Oh injecting 3ccs of everything is fun

    That's all they really want
    Some Tren
    When the workout day is done
    Injecting 3ccs is fun
    Oh injecting 3ccs of everything is fun
    They just want to have tren
    They just want to have tren

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    Current blast:
    350 mg test enth/w
    600 mg nand dec/w
    350 mg tren a/w
    24 mg methasterone/d
    0.5 mg adex EOD-E3D

    1.8 g/Kg protein per day (that's currently 180 g/d from skim milk, ground beef, chicken, pasta, bread so about 150 g from animal sources 30 g from wheat)
    Around 220-340 g carb a day. I usually use lower carbs on rest days but on tren you cannot do that without feeling like shit and going so flat you degrade into nothing lol
    80g-135g fat per day
    2800-3000 kcal per day (300 calorie deficit)

    Breakfast is usually something like 100-150 g of 80 20 ground beef, a 2 jam sandwitches with brown bread, 500 ml skim milk and 1 L water
    Pre training is usually something like 100-150 g white pasta, an apple or two, 500 ml-1L skim milk 1L water
    During training I'll usually not eat but if it is something like Sheiko training I'd eat an apple or two during training, drink 2 L of water over the training peroid
    Post training is usually something like a curry (so chicken and rice obviously), a jam sandwich or two 1.5L water with 3 g salt disolved into it, 2 co-op multi vitamins 500 mcg vitamin c 10 ml fish oil
    I will then add up what I have eaten and any remaining macros that need to be hit will be hit with combos of food I have left in the house, things like cooked egg whites if I need more protein, a doughnut or two if I need more carbs. Some custard creams etc. More water if I feel thirsty, more skim milk etc.

    I will go to sleep about 1 hr after my last meal which will be low in carbs to avoid tren night sweats and insomnia and usually sleep for at least 8 hours.

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