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Thread: Insulin Novolin R pre workout

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    Yeah that’s going to be a hard one ask a doctor because of the insulin issue. It’s going to be a needle in a hay stack. It’s really just going to be a trial and error trying my self. I know that taking gh above 6iu can cause insulin resistance for a normal person. What are other signs for a normal peroson taking high gh with out Insulin have side effect wise?
    losing insulin sensitivity would be the main one, also not being able to put more mass on as the hgh above 6iu is burning so much fat and food you can move forward in weight, also lowering of the t3 happens so you need to supplement with t4

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    So basically the insulin is like a caloric boost to help catch up with the metabolism which that’s what I thought. Which when adding insulin you need to be more cautious on what types of food you eat, right? But if taking gh without insulin and with anabolics you need to be a little more dirty right? Because it kind of makes you a hard gainer. For example Im an easy gainer but lately My weight keeps dropping even without out my cardio. Yeah I haven’t had an appetite so I’ve been downing lots of caloric dense foods peanut butter and such to help the calories. And Even so my stomach has been distended but when I wake up the stomach gone. And I have been having this without the insulin. So I know it’s the food and I don’t add excess sodium. So overall I think the gh is working well for me even being deficient. And just need to experiment with the insulin more, I know it makes me tired more and feel drained which interferes with my workouts.

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    insulin is a nutrient shuttle. if you use too much of it or eat fats with it you will get fat from insulin.

    if taking hgh and aas then yes you can be bit more dirty with the calories

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