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Thread: 1 mg Methyltren 3 days a week pretraining safe duration?

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    Also I have stopped using it

    I used it for I think 4 or 5 training sessions and haven't used it in a week
    Kind of want to run some superdrol in 8 weeks time or so, don't want to end up in trouble

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    What's your plan right now bro? Just working on recomping physique until healthy then will you start pushing heavy training ?

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    Yes sir, recomping to around 12% body fat
    Currently just working on really light weight beltless perfect form high bar squats for high volume triples and doing bodybuilding stuff! I am even doing cardio 3 x a week
    In a 300 deficit usually, sometimes I go to 500 and some days I eat at maint depending on how I feel, if I feel weak depleted etc I will eat at maint, if I feel full and strong/energized I will eat -500 if I feel decent I will eat -300. The extra calories to maint come from cho

    When healthy I will start doing high rep squats for a while until my rotator cuffs/general upper body is strong enough and developed enough to start benching heavy again

    Then I will go full Sheiko once again

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    Awesome article thanks for that man. Have you used superdrol before? For me it's a carb whore and leaves me hypo if I don't manage my carb intake well (keep slow acting carbs present and minimize fast acting to around training time). It's working well for my cut as it keeps me full and keeps my strength up in the gym and im only using 7mg pre workout with 5mg m1t oxime. I've already shed 18 pounds and strength hasn't went down at all surprisingly.

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    I have used SD before and I can attest to its carb whoring effects! It really does make you hypo if you do not eat enough carbs!
    When I use it, I always blend up 100 g of oats with 600 ml skim milk and sometimes add in some coco powder for some flavour and drink it down in the morning and then eat 100-150 g pasta + a ripe bannana and 500 ml whole milk before training, oat shake after training once again

    If I didn't have the oat shake I would feel like shit, go hypo etc

    Also it was a water whore, too! I'd have to drink and drink on that stuff and I would be peeing constantly, if I didn't drink a lot of water my urine would be green

    18 lbs weight loss is huge!! How long was this over and also what was your starting bf%?

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    18 pounds over about 4 weeks now. Of course it was after a blast so I lost a bunch of glycogen and water probably about 10-12 pounds of that and the rest was fat. I lowered test to 125 a week to conserve a bit as I was running low which prompted more water loss, and desoxytest cyp is at 400 a week currently which has helped me keep muscle while I was severely calorie restricted due to stomach virus and then the flu a week later lol

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    It is so tempting to use this stuff again tomorrow but I won't

    I want to see how the addition of trenbolone ace works strength wise without this skewing the results

    Gonna lose some more bodyfat then get on my 2nd fave oral behind Halotestin: SUPERDROL! (methasterone)

    I'd imagine Test enth, nan dec, tren ace and methasterone would work great together

    I'll put photos up of my friend's progress soon, he will be on 25 prop 50 tren 30 SD ED

    He got violently ill for 9 days and couldn't eat much of anything, around 400-700 kcal a day 60-80 g prot He has lost a chunk of size but it looks mainly to be water and glycogen from being dehydrated
    He was scheduled to start the SD this week though I have advised now to extend the cycle an extra 2 weeks to compensate for the ill time

    I'll show you guys what prop tren SD looks like if you doubt the power of SD!! SD is the best bodybuilding oral IMO, unless you are 6-7% and under!

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    If I can afford it, I will do 2 weeks oral get LFT wait 4 or so weeks get another one to make sure values are normal then do 2 weeks I.M same dosages

    I don't drink etc so this may be valuable
    n=1 though so eehhhh

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powertard View Post
    If I can afford it, I will do 2 weeks oral get LFT wait 4 or so weeks get another one to make sure values are normal then do 2 weeks I.M same dosages

    I don't drink etc so this may be valuable
    n=1 though so eehhhh
    Everything counts man. Better than n=0 lol. I plan to get some as well and do the same tests this summer. Summer needs to hurry up for this blast :P

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