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Thread: Why you are still small and not making gains?

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    Why you are still small and not making gains?

    If you opened this post, you probably thought to yourself... why those gains aren't coming? why's that dude in the gym so fucking big and why you still look skinny fat and barely look like you lift.

    Every day, I looked at myself in the mirror and thought... fuck me... I look good. Then when you look back at the pictures month after month, the previous pictures just look pathetic and you start feeling ashamed that you thought you were good.

    So why those gains aren't happening?

    A lot of people like to blame someone or something other than themselves. So let's look at some common areas:

    * The source is selling fakes or underdosed crap
    * Your nutrition sucks
    * Your training is wrong for your goals
    * The compounds you're taking are not suitable for your goals
    * The dosage you are taking is good enough for a small woman
    * You don't sleep or drink enough water
    * You cycle on and off
    * You keep taking the same shit and same dosage year after year

    Firstly understand something:

    * There are a hell of a lot of lying fake naturals out there... you'd be surprised how much people take... and I mean take BIG dosages
    * You need to maintain somewhat a lean base as you blast, you don't blast when fat...
    * You don't stop your shit before it kicks in, then complain on the boards that the shit is fake
    * You'll need a hell of a lot of pharma HGH and Insulin to reach your maximum potential

    So let's go through the main areas:

    1) No foundation built - tons of dudes are taking steroids don't even look like they lift. Well the gym I attend, there are many people who seriously after being a member for the last 6 years, still look like they don't go to the gym at all. Then you've got those guys on gear who look small as hell. I engaged in conversations with a few Indian guys in my gym... these guys would talk the talk... deca this and tren that... but seriously... please 14 inch arms and 8 inch calves... let's get real

    2) Wrong dose for your body weight and height. Generally, lean guys would need a higher dosage of test with HGH/insulin to pack on some serious meat, and fatter guys need less otherwise they'll look even fatter.

    3) Shit house diets... most guys tell you what they "plan" to eat, but never do, and most guys tell you they eat more than they really do. I always advise to get a nutritionist, I'm not talking about those Jenny Craig cookie cutter idiots, I'm talking about professional coaches who specialise in enhanced athletes. A customer of ours, wanted some diet advice. He was 6' tall and 70kg, he said he ate 4000cal/day.... impossible! many people will either over calculate or simply exaggerate.

    In my opinion, the biggest issue really is those guys that eat like little girls, or those guys that take so weak amounts of steroids because they are scared to die or some shit like that....

    I don't think having massive quantities of protein is that important, There is an amount you need, but seriously... 400g/day? No! Protein powder? No! Get some real food and work on 5-6 meals per day. No force feeding too. I eat pizza and burgers nearly everyday, because if I don't ... I start getting smaller. As you grow, the total calorie requirements will naturally increase. You'll not get big just by eating clean.

    4) Introduce compounds progressively and gradually increase your dosage. I would be kinda pissed off if you moved into around 20 weeks on, and you are still taking your week 1 dose. Or a year or 2 in... and taking the same as when you started.

    It starts getting expensive.... you need more as you get bigger, but to take more you need hgh.. and real hgh. Also remember to take a reasonable dose, not something that is for small women.

    5) Training too much or not enough. None of that 7 days per week 2 hours per day shit... You grow while you are resting, not while you are training. Best way to grow is to go less, train harder, eat and rest more. I found volume at 60-70% did me good to pack on size. I would never advise anyone to waist their time on heavy and low volume... good to make you stronger, but really not good to make you bigger compared to volume

    6) Wrong injection frequency or oral timings - you need to take based on the half life of that drug.

    7) Too much scar tissue build up and injecting there... keep rotating your injection sites, I know a guy who would keep injecting into his shoulders. Now he has this egg on the side delt.... damn ugly. Gear takes longer to get absorbed if put into scar tissue and then makes the area even worse.

    8) Staying up all night, drinking and going out... many a time do I see a guy who takes steroids out on the piss... simply counter-productive, that one beer or whatever accumulates to several and you still wonder why you look small as hell do ya?

    9) Coming on and off... starting and stopping - horrible idea... why take when you will simply lose most of your gains, and then when your next cycle comes along you need to spend time just to regain what you lost.

    10) Using poor quality gear... many sources lie about their doses on the bottles... as a customer you need to go by results. No matter what the bottle says, if you don't make gains, then you need to evaluate everything that could contribute to that outcome. You'll find good fakes and shitty looking fakes. You'll find gear that's been underdosed and claiming all sorts of things. We've had a lot of feedback that MTS is strong as hell. Quality gear is important... sometimes you've done everything right, except bought from a reliable source.

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    Excellent post made me laugh about the guys being in the gym for years and still look the same, so true, I think every gym I have ever been to has a select group of people that fall into this category who talk the talk but can never put it in place themselves.

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    perfect post, everyone should read it imo, foundation is the nr1 thing, but alot of people fail to understand this.

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    love this post so freaking true.

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    I think the main thing is a lack of nutrition, or people not being aware of how much they're actually eating.
    Thinking they can get big on 3/4 meals of chicken and rice, when actually broken down they may only be eating 3/400cals a meal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by botchla View Post
    I think the main thing is a lack of nutrition, or people not being aware of how much they're actually eating.
    Thinking they can get big on 3/4 meals of chicken and rice, when actually broken down they may only be eating 3/400cals a meal.
    Seriously... I believe this is the main part. Lots of people believe that more drugs can cover a shit house food plan. I've asked people to tell me what they eat per day..... 1 LITRE OF YOGHURT per day, 1/2kg steak and other shit.... then I've seen the Indian group in my gym who have no protein and all carbs and fat.... they look like shit too.....

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    I agree heavily with the above post and the shit house diet section...
    It always seema people tryibg to lose weight underball how many cals are in their food and wonder why they dont lose weight or even get fatter and guys tryibg to add muscle size/put on weight think that 2 pints of semi skim milk, 2 chicken breasts, 100 g brown rice, 2 slices of toast and a back of penuts is 4000 caloriesand hits their 1.6-1.8 g of prot per kg of bw target...

    Currwntly coaching a lad who says he eats everything he sees, stuffs his face, trains 4x a week and rests 3x a week 8 hrs sleep eats in a 500 surplus everyday etc and iabt gaining weight. I just flat out said you arent eating in a surplus you are overeatimating everything.

    HI calculated to put hia bosy in a decent anabolic state he'd have to eat 4500 kcals of food preferably a 60 c 20 p 20 f %age macros and get of complete protwins a day... So about 155 g prot a day..

    I told him coubt everything you eat for 3 daya. Dont put it in ur mouth unless you have writted it down somewhere how.many kcals and its.macros
    he then sent it

    Averaged 3600 kcals a day... Highest being 3900...
    He ws under the.misconception that he beeded 300 g of prot a day to grow so all he really ate was fiah chicken beef etc hardly any carba lol
    Told him that is stupid
    he is now eating

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    Ffa phone messed up

    he is now eating 560 g carbs 165 g prot 175 g fats making great progress! He was so scares going dowb to 165 g of protien a day would make him lose muscleI had to ahow him all the studies etc lol

    i told him I eat around 170 g ans he coulsbt

    i blame supplement company filt pushing stupid fear.modering ahit like this

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    This is 100% spot on. Shit diet is the number one problem!

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    Water is soo important on a blast, I upped the fluids a ton and I'm a tiny bit lighter but much fuller and bigger

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