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Thread: Tri Bold / Tri Dec

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    Question Tri Bold / Tri Dec

    I m interested by these blends with fast esters. I like to do Eq/Deca cycle with some test, it takes time to feel it...
    Anyone tried it ? how do you feel it ? Thx for infos

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    You may get little responce as these aren't great sellers.
    I'm trying to encourage people to try these as they are a great product if you use a stand alone EQ/dec in your arsenal.
    They aren't popular because no other lab sells them,so there never talked the rest of the range you will experience great benefits/results,but hey don't believe my word on it somebody try it girls themselves and post a thread up with their experiences.

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    What will be the best interval and combination to start with Tri Bold and Equi Max in the mix?
    Have been on Equi before but have no experiences with that shorter esters.
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    I've heard bold ace has crippling pip. Is it the same with this blend? I've just heard horror stories of bold ace

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    I guess ,pretty soon I will be able to answer your question from own experience.

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    Started today,0,5 Tri-Bold and 1ml Eq-Max mixed,no pip,no other problems.
    Will keep you updated if interested.
    Tomorrow I will try Tri-Bold solo at 1ml.

    P.S. The pain set in the next day.
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    Got me my third shot on monday,1 ml,in one syringe with Bold-Max and TrenA from another brand.3 ml that made.
    Put a very large needle G20,the oils of the eq and tri-bold are thick,very deep in my glute.
    That seems to be the best method so far,I have the least swelling and pain.
    The pain is not unbearable,but it is strong.
    Would not recommend to inject into quads,not to say delts.
    The BoldA is already working,shoulders already looking thicker and the veins are coming all over.
    It kicks in very fast,as I see it.
    On the other hand,it put me some water under the skin,which BoldU has not done in the past.Gained a kilo,although beeing in a light deficit.
    In the long run,BoldU seems to be the better choice,less painfull,less subq water.
    But I like that fast kick in.
    Gives a very full look in a short time.Almost daily changes.

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    I got to admit,BoldA is not worth the pain and the swelling that it gives.
    I will discard the rest of the TriBold,which is actually two thirds of it.
    Don't want to stand more unnecessary pain and handicaps from injecting it.
    Even in generous diluted form,it is making weeklong swellings and pain
    and hinders normal walking or working out.
    It is much more worse than Winstrol Depot.
    Not my kind of stuff.

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    It must be you mate as haven't had one other complaint about swellings or pain with the TRI bold product,so wouldn't say its anything to do with the ace!!

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    It is only my personal experience,but Ace is known to hurt very bad.

    Anyway,folks on LOJ forum warned me to take it,some had made their own experiences with it.
    So,I assume that it is not seldom that users get swellings and intensive pain from BoldA,no matter which source brewed it.
    Btw.,there is at least one russian based source that sells BoldA too.
    A friend of mine tried it and discarded it as well,because of pain and
    very intensive Bold flu symptoms.
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