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Thread: Mts Tramoxiflex or nolvadex

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    Mts Tramoxiflex or nolvadex

    Im I being stupid or does mts not stock either of these products in their range, seen a lot of recommendations on this fourm for them

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    tamoxofine and nolvadex are the same product (nolvadex is brand name)

    and no they do not

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    MTS stock proviron. Ask an experienced user if this will do the job. I've not used so not sure if it does same job as nolva. Reads similar.

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    Provision, Masteron, and subsequent dht compounds should not be used interchangeably with AIs and serms. They do not prevent aromtization, they do not block estrogen receptors, they only shift the dht:estrogen balance in favor of dht which helps minimize some side effects to a very much lesser degree. In actuality now that I think about it, they should actually RAISE estrogen as they lower the amount of available shbg available which estrogen gets bound to, thus freeing more up.

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    What do you need it for buddy, Nolva for PCT?

    They stock arimidex which is a great product. Keeping estrogen in check while on cycle. Arimdex @ 1mg ED reduces by estrogen by up to 50%. Obviously you don't want to crash estrogen, so it is dose dependent on what you need it for.

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    Just for a bit of gyno during my cycle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jc1 View Post
    Just for a bit of gyno during my cycle
    Use arimdex mate, just remember you need some estrogen for growth, so don't over do the AI.

    Without knowing what you're running and estro sensitivity seems to be individual, try 1mg E2D or E3D.

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    arimidex will do the job just fine imo

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