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    Lean xtreme

    Started using Lean Xtreme.... great product... took a picture to prove I'm using it... just about to inject another 2ml in me... Doing 2ml /day. Getting a good amount of pirmo in me too...

    Taking per day


    100mg tren A
    100mg mast A
    100mg test p
    100mg primo E


    250mg sustanon
    50mg d-bol

    3ML = 700mg/day

    Lean xtreme-20150317_191226-jpg
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    3ml a day! Where are you pinning?

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    Quote Originally Posted by botchla View Post
    3ml a day! Where are you pinning?

    Getting scar tissue nowadays, but rotation:

    1) left bum
    2) right bum
    3) left side leg
    3) right side leg
    4) left outter quad
    5) right outter quad

    Don't do shoulders anymore because I used to get ugly scar tissue and when lean looks like a mini lump

    I sometimes do triceps.

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    Also try pinning lats they're very easy and no pain, Just think what do you use your lats for daily? nothing I also did my chest when running that too.

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    i have been taking lean extreme for 8 months 2 ml a week 30 min work out every 2 days with a 100 sit ups after 8 weeks there was a massive change in my body shape if you fat and fed up take this you wont be fat for long with this stuff i am now slim and cut and at 33 years old i have a six pack its made me so happy thanks med tech.

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