I don't really understand why anyone would subject themselves to PCT unless you are coming off long term to become a father. I once gave it a shot, without actually intending to go off, just to see what it was like. I stopped test enth for a few weeks and did a standard PCT for 4 weeks then went back on just so I could see what it was like. It was FUCKING MISERABLE. Urggghhh. Honestly, absolutely miserable. Terrible. Never again. Why do this to yourself when you can be 100% healthy (apart from compromised perhaps fertility)on a replacement dosage of testosterone, just 125-150 mg/w is enough to be 100% functional maintain your gains (providing your FFMI not massively high) and your lipid profile/all other health markers are very likely to fall back to healthy ranges or even optimal ranges providing you eat correctly and maintain good health in other areas of your life. If you are huge then you can maintain most of your mass with 200 mg/w and certainly 200 mg/w test 200 mg/w deca, this may be more challenging to get healthy values on long term but it is easily doable if you don't eat like shit and do some cardio.

Once you go on, you are on until you have to come off long term or you decide to quit entirely. You will not get far at all cycling stuff. You'll only end up looking like a bit bigger than a top natural with more fullness and more veins once you are on then you just go back to 100% normal after 8 or so weeks off. I really cannot see the point of it all!