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Thread: Hard N Lean

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    Next week is 3rd week at 4ml/wk lbm is up by 8lbs body fat has dropped by 4% (still 25%) now 265lbs aiming for 225 @ 15% bf on this cycle no doubt this shit is real prefer the smoother tren enanthate, acetate can make me a bit sharp no trensomnia or cough yet running caber so no trendick have had to start adex .5mg eod after left nip started to play up. May introduce var later on but wanted to swerve orals this cycle after 2 wet and heavy dbol deca and cyp runs on the bounce to give my liver a rest. Next cycle will be short esters only halo and a fucking tight diet to get below 8% bf @ 205 or so

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    Really good product i already done with my 12 weeks I'm going for 24 weeks cyc then will stop

    Bro I'm doing one injunction 3ml per week is it enough.. or i have to increase it.. 4 times a month . 12 ml per momth

    Some of my fr advice me to inject 2ml each 3 days mean 10 times a month 20 ml per month is that good?

    Also I start to take oxybol tablets and its also work's good..

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