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Thread: Fello Transformers

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    Fello Transformers

    Just a quick hello from another newbie on hear. I am 46 and been training for 2 yrs. Decided to give the gear a go again. As I'm old and cautious ran a dbol and test 400 cycle last year to see how I would react. Didn't have diet right and put on too much round waist. Worked at it without gear to get some sort of shape back. Feel more prepared this time round. Rushed in last time. Hope to take all your good advise on board. Who better to ask than the people that have the experience. Thank God for forums like this.
    PS can't see how to post a pic. Help. Pictures speak louder than words and hopefully you guys can comment and advise.

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    What's your stats? BF%, height and weight?

    Cannot really advise without knowing what you look like. To post a pic, on the message box where you type your post, there is a "picture frame" that you click with the hover label = insert image

    Your previous cycle, what did you gain? from what to what? How long?

    Need a little more information. thanks.

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    Bf 23% height 5'8" weight 12 and 1/2 stone. Went from 12 to 13 stone on 12 week cycle of week 1-5 dbol and week 1-12 test 400. Lost 1/2 stone with good diet and better workout routine. Sorry no picture frame coming up in message box. Could be my phone. Will try add one tomorrow.
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    use 50 test p, 50 tren a and some clen to diet down to 8%, then do a nice bulk and get swole

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    Cheers flexer for the information. Being a newbie to the gear just thought of getting bigger first. After reading this board top to bottom I realise I did it wrong way round, but have to say I look like I actually have some substance for my efforts for the first time. Wish I could post a pic. Still can't figure how to.

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    I did the same mistake myself. when I started gear I was around 15%+. I just kept bulking and ended up at probably 20% 113kg. dieted down to maybe 12 and then did some recomping. ive stayed the same bf approx and put on 10kg. im a lot bigger then I was at 113kg even though im 5kg lighter

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    Should always try to start gear when you're lower bodyfat, You react so much more better fella

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    Thanks guys. Advice on board and taking action to get bf down. Will be back to ask about first blast after I get it down to a decent number.

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    Why not cruise on test while cutting? Will help keep lean mass on you in a deficit, keep energy levels up a bit more, and gets you used to pinning.

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    Which test to use for cruise? Would appreciate your advice on this. Have pinned before when on test 400.
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