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Thread: Newsletter - 11 Jan 2015

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    Post Newsletter - 11 Jan 2015 - guaranteed authentic and high quality!

    Dear MTS members,

    Welcome back to Med-Tech Solutions. The start of 2015 brings back a lot of new development and happenings, including the roll out of a new BASIC product line, New Members' Forum, a massive Auction and much more.

    We are currently in a period of change; changing locations, implementing anti-counterfeit packaging, and bringing in new products; which may cause delays to deliveries for the rest of the month. If you have any concerns or queries, please don't hesitate to contact us.

    All tablets will be back in January!

    We'll have a new 25-50mg DBOL, TBOL, OXY, STAN, ANAVAR, PRIMO ACE 25mg, and HALO 25mg (first ever dosed at this amount!)

    These blends are back by end of month - STANAVAR, TURANASTAN, HALOVAR, HALOBOLAN, PRIMOVAR, TURINAVAR!


    We'll be introducing the BASIC range; 10 basic compounds in this series that carry half the dose of original and conservatively priced.

    These will be designed for entry level users who want to try out and start using, but concerned with spending on powerfully high dosed steroids. You'll note that most labs out there claim 100mg/ml TREN A, but we guarantee our 50mg/ml TREN A basic will be just as good.

    You'll be lucky to make gains from other labs who claim doses... we guarantee our products are strong as hell. You'll note that Pharma grade Deca Durabolin is 100mg/ml!
    The MTS Forum -

    We have integrated the shop and forum together. Your customer account will be used to log into both the shop and the forum at the same time. This allows us and other members to provide guidance, support and much more. Please take the time to go to the forum, it would be very much appreciated if you could support us by leaving a testimonial.

    Membership is free for all customers - takes 2 clicks! Simply log into your customer account at the shop and under MY ACCOUNT, enter a USERNAME and click CREATE.

    >> Members Information Centre - FAQ, Guides, and Help!
    >> Product reviews and Discussions
    >> Exclusive discounts!
    >> Cycles and Coaching!

    Help us by registering a username and bring up our community.

    The best way to ring in 2015 with any 15 products starting at £0!

    Only 3 days Remaining!!!

    Check out the auction here:

    There are great savings to be made.... but only available to members of the MTS forum.

    You'll be able to find the latest offerings here: Please create your USERNAME and to discover regularly updated savings, discounts and offerings.

    This month we have a few give aways... So please make sure you check them out on the FORUM!

    Again, thank you for your support in 2014 and let's make all kinds of gains for 2015!

    Thank you!


    Med-Tech - Solutions for Champions - guaranteed authentic and high quality!

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    damn cant wait for that halo!

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    Great news 're halo being available again

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    Quote Originally Posted by SMonMTS View Post
    Great news 're halo being available again
    not yet, but hopefully really soon!

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    Auction is a cool idea!

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