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Thread: Spring cut to summer blast!

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    Spring cut to summer blast!

    Alright guys. Just want a critique of what yall (that's a "you all" for non southern folk) think of this approach to cut down then blow up lean.
    Currently: 250 test c (remainder of old gear)
    400 tren e (mts)
    400 desoxytest cyp
    This is per week and being used in combination with ghrp2 +mod grf, eca and yohimbine. I'd estimate I'm around 9% bf holding some water and just bad genetics for fat deposit. I can see separation between hams and quads, all 4 quad heads, all three delt heads, yet the fat around the navel is still there

    To spice things up, for the month of April to possibly mid may I'm going to add in 50mcg t3 and ramp up clen while possibly removing eca depending on sides. The idea is to hit both beta and alpha receptors best I can with clen and yohimbine and keeping metabolism in check with t3 while cutting my calories even further. Same hormone protocol as above which should retain my lean mass even when severely restricted.

    Upon reaching desired bodyfat% introduce masteron, raise desoxytest to a gram and adding in dimethabold as an oral with m1t oxime to kick things off and utilize the new calories that will be brought in to lean bulk through summer. The plan is once discontinuing the orals is to check liver values and if things are still in line, run methyl tren around week 6 or seven (should be around mid June for a timeline). Run it for three weeks and then stop usage to heal liver if needed for a couple weeks then introduce winny as a form of a mock peak to see what I've got through the blast.

    Training will be as follows:
    Monday: chest with heavier weight 8-12 reps
    Tuesday: back lower weight 12-15 rep
    Wednesday: legs 15-20 reps
    Thursday: off
    Friday: chest lighter weight 12-15 rep
    Saturday: back heavier weight 8-12 reps
    Sunday: off

    During this cut I'm doing cardio everyday to increase my deficits and for health benefits.
    During lean bulk cardio 3x week to increase surplus. Back day incorporates rear delts. Chest incorporates front and lateral delts.
    Any thoughts or critiques are appreciated.
    24 yrs old
    5' 6"
    160 pounds
    14 months on gear
    Been training solid for three years but smartly for year and a half.

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    Just to let you know, that fat storage around the navel is thought to be caused by estrogen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powertard View Post
    Just to let you know, that fat storage around the navel is thought to be caused by estrogen
    I figured. Some say it could be brown fat that can be hit with yohimbine. I guess I'll just have to see which I have lol. Worst that happens is it's estro related and I shred down more than intended. Best case is the fat goes away :]

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    Pretty much all guys I know who use heavy aromatising compounds including myself with limited/no AI have this issue, honestly every time I see it, it is a gear user on lots of test/dbol etc no/little AI
    I never had the issue and I was fat natural, cut down natural and it went, got fat on test + AI kept estrogen in optimal range with blood tests cut down no problem
    Got fat-ish on lots of test no AI for months and months and months cutting down now around 15% body fat (bloated to all shit but have top four abs clearly visible in photo when mildly flexed etc) and it is weird my stomach is flat then it gets to my navel and it fucking bulges out like an 1.5 inches... fat leaving from other places and this bulge is still persisting!
    Apparently controlling estrogen for a few months on a cut and 4 IU hgh sorts it out

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    Could be left over fat from last summer when I ran 700 test and no AI like and idiot. I'm on a cruise dose now which puts my estro in range so hopefully it goes away. I'd hate to nuke estro as low estro sucks so badly...

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