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Thread: Growth without sides ...

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    on old times, there's good generics from china (rips, kigs, etc) but now its rare to find something good

    its g2g to with medtropin hgh, use some peps together and voila

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    U also need to remember not everyone's body is the same, Some react badly some don't.. Hell ive tried so many different steriods and never really had sides of ANY and they have all been MTS

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    Quote Originally Posted by fatboy View Post
    ... Im taking hygetropin from a friend but feeling no sides at all 3 weeks in 4-5 iu . No aching wrists nothing . Does this mean its fake ? I know side effects are a person to person thing but i expected at least more of a feeling .. How long does it normally take for any sides to show in real HGH ?

    Thinking about ordering the HGH on here . Are the jins better quality than the Medtropin ? Just saying as there is a price difference .

    Not sure if i should just bin the whole growth idea completely . If my gut is right this is the second time iv bought fake growth . Oh well . Im sure my man didnt know it was bunk as i know more than he does ..
    you don't judge if HGH is good by sides youd know it if it was real. The shit would blow you away youd notice immediate effects but fot he real good stuff it takes months th eloger your on it the better it gets

    the only time ive got sides was when I used peptides ghrp2 and mod grf. Those things right in the garabage can I have no idea how people use them within a week I was a freakking ballon hands swollen back pumps so bad I couldn't even do dishesor brush my teeth. This wasn't just from one supplier either ive tried a bunch of times with different protocols so I could have some experience since al my clients ask about peptides well they are shit use HGH. Id say FDA approved really its same price 3iu day of fda gh is same as 10 iuday generics, or ive only heard good things about mts HGH ive never used it though I may have to just for the experience
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    Only use FDA GH. Lab results show that generics are shit compared to FDA GH.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hasheagle View Post
    Only use FDA GH. Lab results show that generics are shit compared to FDA GH.
    Jins are still g2g, since they are approved by the Chinese equivalent of the FDA right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by grotereber View Post
    Jins are still g2g, since they are approved by the Chinese equivalent of the FDA right?
    It's good to go because it's good. Not because some government body says it's good.

    I use it. Many other people use it.... Nothing to complain as long as you get it from the pharmacy directly.

    Getting it from mainland China with the Chinese packaging I've found to be counterfeit. The pharmacies won't even sell it to you, most are counterfeit.

    Getting it in hong kong because you've got a prescription and the pharmacist knows you allows you to get the real stuff.

    I know infobrokerz on forum tested it from us. You can pm him... He said it is excellent. Ask him yourself there.

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    I post there under a separate name, I went through his history and found it. he posts great stuff.

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