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Thread: Brimmy's Log

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    damn that food haha! Looking good fella as said tho u dont need to much on the dosage part, Alot of people make more gains of lower doses too and it saves money, Seems like you're serious tho! Best of luck fella

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    Update 5 - Sunday the 19th of April 2015
    Sorry for the lack of updates guys I have been very busy with work and then the whole of last week I was out of town for professional development. With that being said my diet for the whole last week has pretty much been a write off, I was living on protein shakes and room service, I tried to keep carbs low as to not gain too much fat.

    I have dropped to a cruise dose of hormones (200mg test e, 200mg tren e and 200 mast e) as of Wednesday the 8th of April as I have surgery on this coming Friday, just a wisdom tooth extraction but mine have grown funny so I have to have a specialist cut and drill them out of my gums. After the surgery I will give myself a couple days and then I will be going in to a bulk, the plan is to run 1500mg test e, 300mg tren e and 300mg mast e with 3.6iu geno, 40iu humalog and 150mg anadrol every day and pack on some mass.

    I will be updating this log weekly until (if) it attracts more attention.

    Here are some photos I took on Thursday the 16th of April while I was out of town.

    In the hotel room...

    At the gym...

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    Excellent.... is that an injection mark on your shoulder?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MR BIG View Post
    Excellent.... is that an injection mark on your shoulder?
    It was a blind pimple that I picked and irritated, for some reason I can't not pick at lumps. I do pin shoulders though, I usually cycle between shoulders and quads and will only pin glutes if absolutely necessary, I have also done biceps before but am not very fond on them at all.

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    Update 6 - Tuesday the 28th of April 2015
    All last week I was crook as a dog and since Friday I have been living on ice cream due to having my wisdom teeth extracted. I am not as lean as I would have hoped coming in to this bulk but I can't delay it any longer, I was supposed to start 2 months ago. I just weighed in at 96.9kg at the end of the day after all my meals, I'll track my morning weights from here on out and post weekly changes.

    My gh and insulin will be starting on the 11th of May, I am just giving the test e some time to build up to a useful dose, yesterday I pinned 750mg in my right quad, today I pinned another 900mg in my right quad, 450mg in my left delt and 450mg in my right delt (1.8g today). I did a little steroid plot and within 2 weeks I should have a substantial enough dose of testosterone in my system to begin introducing the gh and insulin.

    My bulk has changed a little from the original plan, it has been getting really cold here lately so I have been rugging up but keep waking up in the middle of the night absolutely soaked from tren sweats, its interrupting my sleep quite a bit and I don't want it to have a flow on effect to my work so I wont be including a low dose of tren or mast in my bulk as originally planned (I was using a mast and tren blend).

    I have some MTS eq, var and halo on the way, the eq should arrive this week so I will be running that for the first time in this bulk. The bulk will look like below, the only variation that may occur is the test being lowered a little and replaced with equal part of NPP.

    Weeks 1-16:
    1500mg test e
    1000mg eq
    3.6iu genotropin ed
    20iu humalog pre and post workout (4 weeks on, 4 off, repeat)
    150mg anadrol ed (weeks 1-12)

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    Quote Originally Posted by brimmy View Post
    150mg anadrol ed (weeks 1-12)

    Keen to see how you can keep up with this dosage!!!! After only 1-2 weeks of this, my stomach goes to shit and I can't eat fuck all. The headaches are stupid crazy and all becomes better once I stop!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MR BIG View Post
    Keen to see how you can keep up with this dosage!!!! After only 1-2 weeks of this, my stomach goes to shit and I can't eat fuck all. The headaches are stupid crazy and all becomes better once I stop!
    I handle orals pretty well, I've ran 30mg superdrol + 100mg epistane for 4 weeks straight before and ran 150mg dbol for 6 weeks, as far as I know anadrol is less toxic than dbol so hopefully I can hold in there. I take NAC daily and eat plenty of fibre and a healthy serving of yoghurt daily to keep liver and digestion going.

    I began experimenting with insulin today, just had a shot after work because I need to get a feel for it before I start blasting it properly in 2 weeks times. I only had my insulin shot 30 minutes ago but this is what I have done so far.

    5:15pm - 15iu humalog
    5:15pm - 440g pineapple in natural juice - 4p, 44c, 0f
    5:45pm - Shake (1 scoop whey, 375ml light milk, 30g milled oates, 30g maltodextrin, 5g creatine, 5g glutamine) - 40p, 71c, 8f

    So that gives me 44p, 115c, 8f at the beginning of the peak period for 15iu of humalog insulin. I have pack of poptarts and a can of soda on hand should I feel the slightest bit dizzy.

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    motherfuckin' brimhaven, my man haha. I was so psyched when I read your intro and to see another ex-scaper on the juice haha. following your log for sure. are you getting your humalog from a source or directly at the pharmacy?

    keep up the great work man!

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    Jealous of those geno pens bro I had them for only 4 weeks and was addicted lol. Nordi pens are good but not as good.

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    Update 7 - Tuesday the 5th of May 2015
    Insulin is in at 20iu post workout and hgh at 1.8iu upon waking and 1.8iu post workout. Calories have been 4000-6000 each day, I have been taking the piss a bit with my food, I think I have it out of my system so hopefully I can stick to my 4000 calories per day now which is mostly clean. Ever since starting the insulin my body parts that I train have been hurting the days after, I haven't had that sore feeling for a very long time it feels good to have it back again.

    I will be upping the insulin to 25iu upon waking with my hgh and 25iu post workout with my hgh. I've found that I need 10g of carbs per iu of insulin so will be consuming a lot of carbs (600-700 per day). I am eating a lot of cereal at the moment to cover my carb requirements for the insulin, I found cereal is a good mix of simple and complex carbs with almost no fats. To make up my 200g of carbs for the 20iu of slin I have been making a shake (whey isolates, milled oates, maltodextrin, banana, creatine, glutamine, bcaa's, 250ml skim milk) and then a big bowl of nurtigrain (100g nutrigrain, 250ml skim milk) which gives me roughly 65p, 200c, 5f.

    I have put on a lot of water so am looking a little mushy at the moment but it's part of the game, the good thing about lots of water is the pumps are insane - my strength has also dropped a little due to the introduction of t3 and t4. I should also have my eq this week, as soon as it arrives I'll be front loading 2g and then keeping it in at 1g per week.

    Morning Weight:
    Last week: 96.2kg
    This week: 98.9kg

    This Weeks Hormones:
    1.5g test e /wk
    150mg anadrol /ed
    20iu slin /ed
    3.6iu gh /ed


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