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Thread: Blast coming up

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    Blast coming up

    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 172
    Body Fat %: 10-12%
    How many calories per day do you eat? 2000
    How many times per week do you train? 4
    How long have you trained for? 4 years
    Previous cycle experience? 600mg test, 750mg test 600mg deca, 200mg test 400mg tren, 750mg test
    Desired goals: Drop to 7% body fat then blow up LEAN!

    Use to cycle now i blast and cruise and have trt script and i've been off all hormones besides 200mg test and adex for around 7 months. Dropped from 190 to 170ish and lost the majority of my gains. Looking to drop to 7% and blow up lean. Was thinking about cutting on 200mg test c and 400mg tren e per week and 25mg winny per day till 7% then adding 600mg deca along side the tren and test when i blow up and switching winny with 50mg adrol. Wanting to keep things cheap and simple as possible. What would be your advice?

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    You'll probably find it difficult to cut to 7% unless you do a few things more. You are already on 200mg of test and so to cut, your plan seems to be just to add tren e @ 400mg with some winny @ 25mg/day. I think you are going to be disappointed.

    400mg tren is hardly anything, You are 10-12% right now. It will help you a few % at best and it will take time. You need to start building your total muscle mass which will help in calorie utilisation, upping your test will help on that, do daily fasted cardio, with I believe a higher dose of tren and more winny. I would add ECA and Clen in rotation to help too.

    10-12% is too much. So your idea to get to 7% BF and blow up is fine. But I doubt you'll achieve it in a reasonable time without cardio and possibly adjusting your training. I don't think your diet would be too much an issue. I simply think you are taking not enough hormones. That's just me personally.

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    Forgot to add i jog a couple miles after each workout except leg workout. I'll probably up the tren to 600mg a week on my cut to increase hormone intake and might increase winny to 50mg a day depending on how my joints feel. Really appreciate your advice, thanks!

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