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Thread: My cycle - the kitchen sink method

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    My cycle - the kitchen sink method

    So my method this month:

    I have various bottles on my desk

    1. MTS nandro-sus
    2. MTS lean xtreme
    3. MTS EQ500/NPP
    4. Centrino Labs Deca 200
    5. MTS triple en
    6. GA T-MIX 325

    3ml per day
    Rotation 1-6 and repeat

    add in androlics 50mg/day + MTS anavar 50mg/day + norditropin 4iu/day + 40iu insulin/day

    No fundamental reason why... just trying to see what happens... I can say my dick stopped working... need dostinex ... no need for arimidex, I don't get estrogen sides from test

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    holy shit! would love to see pics, other than the one in your av. goes to show, dose = results i guess!

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    Taking everything under the kitchen sink and the kitchen sink itself!

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    I also would really like to see some before and after pics but judging from your profile pic you def need this amount of gear and gh to grow

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    How did you go with this?
    Update us mannnnnnn

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