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Thread: ANAVAR 10mg, 25mg, 50mg

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    Some anavar update 2 buddy’s of mine are both running the 25mg. Tabs both guys running 3 tabs a day split,both having awesome results ones a Pro. The other a Amateur. As I’d like to say I’ve ran the 50s. And 10s. In the past both worked like a charm. Thanks mts.

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    This stuff is the real deal! 4 weeks in, and seeing incredible results. Will definitely be trying other MTS products.

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    Results are great tried the 25.s a hand full of times as my buddies seem very on point 3 a day 5 days a week insane pumps crazy strength.a few of my girl friends also tried the 10s to say the least very happy with the results.

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    I've used the 25mg anavar tabs together with stanavar last summer (100mg anavar + 50mg winny in total) as an addition to Test-E & Primo.
    Crazy pumps, fat burning seemed to be accelerated, in combination with cardio & below maintenance kcal obviously.
    The anavar is great stuff, I'd only recommend using at least 75mg ED to really feel the effect.

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    Got three bottles of 50s on the way, can't bloody wait to get them and add to my cycle
    Mast E

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    I am running MTS anavar now, 60mg per day and to be honets and clear it works amazingly well. i am full round and getting leaner. dont get fooled believing this is a weak ass or girls steroid, yes maybe in 5mg but run 50mg or let alone 100mg and see the magic that happen; leans shredded body

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    Yeah I've just started to add this to my cycle
    50mg am 50mg pm
    See how I get on with it 😎

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    When will these be back in stock?

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    waiting for them also, anavar rules, super strong and keeps me lean AND full

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    How has everyone else found the newly dispatched anavar 50's? My recently received ones are white diamond instead of the usual circluar tan colour, just wondered on everyone else's opinions.

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